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I wish the school offered more AP classes so I would be better prepared for college. I would also like to see more electives as year over year I have had too many study halls because of the few choices of electives. Parents are not very involved in the school thou the PTA does try to get parents involved
Valhalla is a Hamlet, too small to even qualify as a town but it always felt like home. 45 minutes north of NYC, Valhalla's quaint charm and beauty is a perfect place to grow up. Many locally owned businesses, landmarks ( Kensico Dam), and great school districts are more than ideal. The school districts never really had bullying issues, there was a great deal of diversity but that just made everyone come together that much more. When getting ready for college, the guidance counselors devoted themselves fully to make sure each student was all set. The education and staff was absolutely fantastic. There was never a doubt that a single faculty or staff member wasn't giving their all. Sports programs were run by the best coaches and managers possible. Baseball and Softball Teams countlessly won major Championships.
A drastic change happen to me when I was just 8 years old. Growing up my parents always sent me to Catholic school, so from preschool to second grade I went to the same small school right down the road from my house. Every year I would see the same 11 kids, I only had 11 friends being that they were the only kids I saw everyday. Then one day my mom pulled me out and put me into this at the the time huge public school where there were more then 100 kids in each grade. Being so young I was terrified, I didn't know how to make new friends and I didn't know who I wanted to be friends with because there were so many options. Lucky as time went on, Valhalla School became my friend. Teachers and students were always looking out for each other. I realized that you were never alone because someone was always right there to guide you. Everyone wanted what was best for each other, and 10 years later that still remains the same. I couldn't picture myself anywhere else. Valhalla is my home.
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decent education, teachers, extracurricular activities. Prepared me for college but would've liked more sport options.
Valhalla High School is a small school with great team spirit and caring teachers. The student body is diverse and friendly and the class of 2019 are a very compassionate and friendly student body. It would be great if the school offered more AP and elective courses. It is a Blue Ribbon School of Distinction.
Due to the small size of the school's population, learning was very hands on. However, the quality of the educators greatly lacked in certain fields, such as mathematics. In addition to academics, there could have been more involvement opportunities available to students.
Overall I have had an amazing high school career at Valhalla High School! The teaching staff is amazing and they strive to make a connection with each of their students.
Got some great teachers. Unfortunate because the schools in the districts over offer way more APs, honors, and college courses. Tiny little town made for an interesting six years.
Small and connected community. Since, it is a small school there aren't many academics opportunities (ex: AP classes) The teachers are very friendly and are always willing to help.
We need a life skills class. Even if we are academically prepared, it doesn’t mean we are ready to be adults. Experience and training in life skills like budgeting, time management, nutrition and even some social skills can be sorely lackinng. If time was taken to teach students important life skills, it could be one of the most useful things they learn.
Good School, just a lot of distraction that counteracts the effectiveness of their educational curiculum and system
At Valhalla High School, you get the perfect mix of excellent academics and electives. At Valhalla, the teachers are very helpful when it comes to making sure you understand the topics and lessons. They will stay after school to help you if you need it.
The music and art department are big parts of Valhalla. I take part in all of the music programs and the teachers are outstanding. They are very caring people who always mix fun into their lessons while learning.
Sports are also big parts of Valhalla. We have football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, bowling, golf, track and more. Participating in the soccer program was the most beneficial part of my high school career. It has taught me leadership and sportsmanship as well as having a determination to win and achieve goals I never would have reached on the field, in the classroom, and at home.
I enjoyed going to Valhalla. The small school atmosphere was a good fit for me. I got to know many of my teachers well and grew close with my peers. The level of education was decent. Quality of teachers was hit-or-miss. The science research program, availability of AP classes and solid college-preparatory courses were a big help to getting me to where I am today!
A great small town school district with small class sizes and engaging instruction. Good sports programs with a high participation rate among students. Parent-teacher communication and student input always valued.
As a current senior in Valhalla high school I can legitimately say I loved it here. I can honestly say that I haven't seen a single kid bullied here. Plus this school is so diverse. There are so many different races and everyone is ok with the LGBT movement and that environment helped build the person I am today.
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