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I liked Utica Community schools because they have amazing teachers, which provide very good education skills to the students. The only thing I would change about the district is to make it feel more like a community than a school district, make everyone feel more welcome.
The level of academics, sports, resources vary widely depending which of the four high schools/feeders you attend. Luckily, I was admitted to the district’s IB program where the smaller environment and international curriculum are amazing! Those that attend specialty programs can participate in any home school sports and/or activities.
Although Utica Community Schools may provide an adequate education, college preparation falls short of sufficient despite claims by the superintendent.
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great overall experience. many of the staff members were either committed or just their to teach. academically the information was there. the school was supper diverse our sports were average. college readiness wasn't really a help because much of the stuff is similar to what we did in high school. the food is always okay never great. safety improved throughout the year which was a bonus.
utica community schools is one of the most unorganized school districts I have ever seen. they constantly fire and rehire staff, bring in new staff and try to change things for the better but always ends up back firing on them. the inconsistency really effects the students and they seen not to care. they waste money on nonessential thing and then have to scramble for money when they need something important. they ask students how make things better but shoot down every idea anyone has.
Utica Community Schools is a progressive district that cares about student success. There are multiple programs designed to build student confidence and prepare them for post-secondary education
I've been with Utica Community Schools since I was in the 4th grade, and I am currently in the 12th. Coming from a different school district was an adjustment but Utica Community Schools is very welcoming and has many clubs and sports for someone to become apart of this family. This allows the students to feel more welcomed and not afraid. I like that UCS prepares student well for college, or for a job/career after high school. I also like that we have many different sports and clubs such as key club, national honors society, utica united, hispanic honors society, student council, chest club, and many more.
Administrators in my children's schools were not approachable nor were they respectful of our family
They need additional funding for their students. Largest school district in the state, yet the school gets less per student than other districts nearby. This means that all other districts around us can afford an ipad for each student, UCS does not have the funds for this. Teachers are great though!
Overall this school district is a pretty good and solid school district. It is known as one of the best in the area and although I do not think it lives up to the hype, I do believe that it is a good school district. It does differ from school to school but overall the teachers are very intelligent and genuinely care about their students and their students’ studies and this is something that lacks within other districts. The students themselves are not cruel or mean in any particular way or more so than a normal high school student should be and overall besides the large need for janitors the facilities are relatively clean and kept up nicely.
I like the opportunities given such as specialty programs including the International Baccalaureate Program.
The teaching staff are very professional, intelligent and really help the students prepare for college. Several honors and AP classes.
The teachers, staff have been nothing but nice to me all throughout my High School experience. They are super understanding, helpful. The whole Utica Schools experience is stress free (from a students point of view)
fairly good education system with competent teachers, wish they would get students more involved and prepared for college
Good facilities, generally nice people. Have never really had any super major issues. Some of the teachers are iffy, and resources are very limited sometimes, but the same can be said for most other school districts, unfortunately. UCS gives students many opportunities to excel with their advanced courses and specialized programs. Overall definitely a nice place to go to school.
I am happy to say that I have had a great experience thus far within the Utica Community Schools District. I am going into my senior year and my brother graduates from here as well in 2017. We have both been athletes all of our high school years. We both took very different educational pathways, him going into pre med studies in college and taking prep courses in high school and he seemingly loved it. As for me I am taking business courses as I am currently enrolled in high school and I am pleased with the education I'm receiving. I enjoy not only my teachers but also the programs I am offered. I am also a member of DECA and I must say so far my high school experience within Utica Community Schools has been amazing.
I think that Utica Community Schools is an awesome school district to attend school. I think that since I have transferred to this area when I was 6 the curriculum is so much higher then where I previously attended. I feel there are so many opportunities for students when they attend a great school district.
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I think Utica Community Schools is a great district that cares for the students. The teachers, administrators, and staff put the students first. It’s easy to see that the education of the students is the district’s first priority.
We have 2 girls that were on both ends of the learning spectrum. One was learning disabled with an auditory processing and speech impairment and the other graduated with several honors. UCS encouraged both of our girls to constantly keep pushing themselves and to never settle. Our family was very grateful to all the special education teachers and staff.
They truly took an interest in helping my learning disabled daughter achieve her maximum potential.
Also very grateful for the passionate and talented teaching staff at the Center for Science and Industry who go above and beyond every single day!
I have been attending UCS for my entire school life and there are perks and setbacks. There has been some amazing teachers who have helped excel in their class and life.
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