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Upper St. Clair School District Reviews

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I have been living here my whole life the experience is great and that's what matters most of the teachers are nice but not all but I would normally get a good grade in this class so if you want a good school district come here.
Upper St Clair schools are filled with a variety of different ways for students to learn both and grow, with millions of opportunities. The one bad thing I would say about it is the lack of diversity it has within its student body.
Upper St. Clair is a very competitive community, focussed on success and accomplishments. This motivates many students and residents to be constantly working their hardest and impress peers etc. There are many opportunities available to Upper St. Clair students and the district provides very thorough education throughout all schools. It is also an extremely safe district where many new families can start their lives.
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My freshman year, my grades were poor and I was going nowhere with my life. But Upper Saint Clair helped my reach my goal of going to college.
As a child I attended a few different schools.Some in Bethel Park Pa.,Some in Upper St Clair,South Carolina,Alternative and Vo-tech.This is the only school that I was ever involved in any type of violence,bullied,or discriminated against.In my opinion this is a very corrupt area to live or attend school.
Overall, my experience in Upper st. Clair has been good. The teachers seem to care about their students, for the most part. The middle schools try new programs and learning techniques often to help the students. In High School, most students are encouraged to go to college, which may not be good for all students. There are vocational schools which students can attend in addition to going to school. The school offers several ways to improve SAT and ACT scores, which helps with the application process for further education. Overall I feel prepared for college. The school is not very diverse, but they try to be progressive.
Nice smoking lounge at the high school, partying in the bathrooms! Lots free time to roam the halls and get in trouble.
The Upper St. Clair School District pushes you to exceed your greatest potential. While being surrounded by impressive students in all categories is an amazing thing, it can also be a bad thing. You sometimes may feel like you aren’t smart enough, or that you aren’t good enough to belong in such a prestigious school. Overall, the school supplies you with resources that you need to succeed, and help you to be prepared for life after high school.
During my experience of attending Upper St Clair High School I enjoyed all the opportunities that I was given such as traveling abroad and getting to partake in various clubs. One thing that USC High School should change is how their staff interacts with students. Some teachers need to take the student into more consideration and not just focus on solely their class.
50/50 likes on the school staff. For most involved students, it is the staff that makes all the difference to ones' learning expierence.
I would like a better special education program. One that does more to help autistic students , with one on sixty children being diagnosed with autism I feel that it’s important for schools to be proactive in their programs for these students.
What people fail to mention bere is the perverse racism experienced bg minorities particularly Indian. I know, I grew up here. This community is wealthy and conservative which has led to a lot of anti immigrant sentiment.
I was called all sorts of names since I was a child and humiliated and insulted as a kid. It was amongst the worst experiences Ive had.
The academics may be good but thats only because other schools nearby are mediocre.
Its success comes from attracting parents of children like myself who are already hardworking.
If you are of Indian descent and your parents have the means -go elsewhere- fox chapel etc.
despite telling admin for decades I was never supported or protected.
I moved here when I was 12 years old, and I've had a successful time here at USC. The community of Upper St. Clair itself has awesome clubs, sports, people, and the environment Is awesome. Im lucky to have been able to attend USC
Upper St. Clair School District has never failed to provide an environment that is academically vigorous, as well as socially diverse through it's courses and extra curricular options. I am very pleased with the education I was given throughout my time in this district, and my younger siblings continue to enjoy their Upper St. Clair School District experiences.
Very “sports” oriented. Cut arts and home economics programs. Academics are very good and I felt like I was prepared for college.
I liked how most of the students are very focused on their education. A change could be on the school lunch.
I really love going to Upper St. Clair high school because they have subjects that challenge me. I like the courses that I take because it gets me ready for college more. I love the teachers that work there because they are very supportive and helpful. They help us with homework, and they also help us make decisions.
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My experience so far is very good. The staff is extremely helpful and the facilities are amazing. The school provides electronics for the students’ use and they take extra precautions to ensure that the students are focused.
I really like the teachers. When I came here almost two years ago my English was pretty bad, but right now my English is better thanks to them!
I recently moved to Upper Saint Clair this year and I believe that the academics of the school is very high and prepares me for college compared to the other schools I have been to. I believe the school is a safe place where it is easy to become friends with everyone. And the sports are great.
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