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I was able to explore my interests and get involved in sports and clubs through the University Place School District. Running Start is an amazing program that Curtis High School provides. Everyone says that they regret not trying the running start program. For the most part, my teachers were great.
I highly enjoyed my three years at Curtis, but I believe it's due to the fact that I did everything that was offered here. The teachers value a good work ethic and have high expectations for their students. They are willing to help, but it's only if you let them and meet them halfway. I think that Curtis gives students many opportunities to find new passions through their clubs and sports. Moreover, the staff are the most compassionate people you will ever meet and I am fortunate to have gone to a school that have given me the foundation to succeed.
My experience at this school has been pretty positive for the most part. There is a certain school inclusiveness that I liked when attending. The academics were challenging which I appreciated for college readiness. There is also a certain atmosphere of higher education that goes on at this school which I also enjoyed. Sports are competitive and based off of performance outside of school. The area around this district is very safe and well-designed. There are plenty of things to do in this area after school, and the beautiful library a short walk from the high school is very helpful when research or work needs to be done in a quiet setting. For the most part there isn't really anything to complain about with University Place School District. The warm environment is very unique to the area which is for sure a plus.
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The University Place school district was rated number 1 three years in a row in Washington state. The teachers offer help to each individual and provide a very personable lesson. Every teacher wants you to excel and graduate. The curriculum exceeds surrounding school districts.
I like that I was able to make so many close relationships among my peers. I like how close knit the community felt and that I always knew people wherever I went. The University Place School District has teachers who challenge you immensely, but overall, you can tell they want the best for you and your education. I have learned how to adapt to real life situations and how to handle myself when crisis occurs. The honors and AP classes are quite challenging, but itll help prepare for college. One thing I would change is that sometimes it feels as though they overwork you. I understand that we have to do work in high school, but sometimes that was difficult with multiple APs, a 0 hour and a 7th hour and sports and work. Overall, the University Place School District is quite difficult academically, but prepares well for college.
I enjoyed how much the University Place School District involved the community. Advertisements for school events could be found all over, fundraisers were held at most nearby establishments, and when hanging up posters for our upcoming theater events almost all places let us hang them up there, so they could be seen by the whole community. Almost all of the teachers really had the students in their hearts and wanted to do what was best for them always, along with taking extra time to work with them when needed. I am glad i graduated in this district, I am a proud Curtis Senior High School Viking.
I would like to see a change in the administration. The administration at Curtis High School is a joke and never actually solved any issues. They try to cover issues on bullying while never actually coming with solutions or have any results from their efforts. The teacher staffs at Curtis are great and actually invest time on helping their students. However, the administration does not do the same, and the only exception is Mr. Fletcher. Everyone else is rude.
University Place has great academics and a supportive faculty. They produce both top-notch students and athletes.
This district allows for social promotion. The administration does not have a formalized set of guidelines from which parents, teachers and students understand what qualifies as a passing grade. Standardized test results are not used to help determine proficiency for promotion and summer school is not mandatory for failing students. One only need look at the districts drop-out rate and reading/math proficiency scores to see the results of these policies. No districts in WA, including UPSD, are in the top 100 districts nationwide. Beware of the hype. Remember that everything is relative.
Staff is friendly and academic really challenge your knowledge. Sports are top notch and environment is positive.
I would like to see a larger variety of sports, as well as fairness in all sports. Currently, most coaches tend to "play favorites."
My experience at the University Place School District was excellent. The district strives to create an ideal environment for the students, and takes pride in the various enrichment programs that make well-rounded students. These programs include music, athletics, and community service. The only thing I would like to see improve is the food production, because I do not believe that the food is healthy; in fact, some foods look unrecognizable and rather unhealthy.
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