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Union Township School District (Union) Reviews

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As a student, I love how Union High School is run. In this case, I feel it is very orderly and prepares our kids for colleges, especially the guidance counselors. My guidance counselor has helped me immensely throughout my college process. However, I do feel that some teachers do not worry about their students and the path that they want to go down in the future.
Unions location provides for a extremely diverse population of people Although depending on were you live the elementary schools the races may be more select however overall once you get the the two middle schools and the single highschool its very divers. Most teachers tend to be of quality and our sports teams especially for the high school are very well known and highly supported.
I liked that the Honors/AP courses prepared me for college. I wish they would fire certain teachers who have been known to prey on students.
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Diversity among students was great. It gave an opportunity to learn about other cultures and met amazing friends.

Support for college readiness is lacking in the school. Besides the guidance counselor, no one rewards good grades or give additional guidance in finding a college.
My experience in Union township district schools went well. The teachers do well with their jobs and high school overall is good. My freshman year was a little scary for me but I adapted pretty well throughout the years.
I liked the teachers and the versatility of Union High School. Although a big high school, it still felt like a family-oriented environment where everyone was able to assist one another, learn and achieve what they needed to if you apply yourself.
What I like most about my school is it's diversity. Being a biracial student , it's nice to see other students like myself. Everyone is welcome at Union High School. There are many different classes to choose from A P classes as well as general classes. You can join one of many clubs or be a part of a team. My experience at Union High School has been a great learning adventure. I made lots of friends and can't believe how fast my 4 years have gone by.It was a great journey and I am looking forward to my next one.
I would like to see more active administrators when there are problems between students in the school, instead of sweeping incidents under the rug or not dealing with them in the correct and timely manner. Over all the student life is average, more things could be done to get more students active.
I've been in the district from K to grade 12. Overall the system was great with some small exceptions. I enjoyed my school experiences. Most of the teachers were effective, made themselves available, and kept school interesting. The PTA did as much as they could with what they had in order to benefit all students. However, it would’ve been great if all parents got involved. I enjoyed playing sports, and did well. The coaches kept us competitive, but I felt that the district did not support all teams equally. Even though our volleyball team ranked highly, won most of our games, with better stats than some of the other teams, we had the same old uniforms from before I was a freshman. We never got new uniforms until we (the players) paid for our own uniforms in my senior year. For track, even when we qualified for the nationals, the school wasn't going to send us to compete. It somewhat discourages an athlete if you represent the school well and the school in turn does not support you.
I would like to see more activities and things to do for students. Having a cleaner community would be nice and if taxes went down that would be a blessing.
I liked it very much. I liked the space, the organization, the workers and professors. I remember that a very kind lady helped me to fill out the immunization form and other one helped in the enrollment (I was new so I didn’t know how it works).

I liked the classrooms and best part is that I could walk from home to school and viceversa.

There was not much that I liked but It was a good experience overall. I would have them change the food.
I liked the environment; it was quiet and positive surroundings. The building was old, outdated, and many clsses had small budgets which impacted resources and supplies.
It was a pretty good experience. I was able to learn what I need to in order to prepare for college.
More diversity and better food. I would like better preparation for standardized tests. In addition, if teachers who help us more by staying after school and teaching us to make us learn more and not just reach a specific deadline.
I enjoyed my four years at Union High School. Teachers make all the difference, they are great, they go above and beyond to assist students in whatever they need. They are personable and friendly. The coaches are also amazing they push just enough to get you motivated but not to much to get you discourage. I personally have not ever experienced or witnessed any bullying. One policy I don't agree with headphones in the building or at lunch. I usually like o hear my music at lunch and I can't.
The experience I had was great. My teachers helped me out to be ready for college and guide me through it. The staff members were also helpful. They have recommended me some of the schools that would fit into major I wanted. Overall, I was pleased to attend this school.
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This is an average school system. Students will only have a good experience if they are involved with programs and stay out of trouble.
The district is very attentive to the Special beds children and have enough staff to support any requests.
Union High School is what you make it in a nut shell. The opportunities offered to the students include multiple resources and teachers that are willing to ensure you succeed. The are multiple bulletin boards which show you key factors to success. These include standard testing boards and alumni success boards. Countless college fairs and club fairs help students explore more options that they might not have been aware of. With high school being stressful and overwhelming, going to Union High School relieves some of those emotions.
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