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It’s very based on attendance, i guess it was okay. i had an alright education throughout elementary, middle school, and high school. but when they were renovating, they should’ve started with the high school rather than the elementary schools because those younger kids are just excited to go to school, high schoolers complain about EVERYTHING.
Tyler's independent school district is an average one. In the recent years the facilities have been upgraded, but the district fails to provide above advanced learning criteria for its pupils. I am a former student as well as a parent that has children attending the schools. This district fails to provide more resources that stimulate the students' growth to become critical thinkers in the post grade school career paths. If this district had the funds to introduce a broader source of learning criteria would be beneficial to the students, community, and the local economy. The majority of high school graduate often elect to pursue a career as a registered nurse (females), CDL licensed truck driver, or a factory worker at Trane; because these jobs a considered the best jobs. Sometimes the district fails to educate that there are more career paths to pursue. Tyler ISD is an mediocre but fails to measure up to other school district to its counterparts in neighboring cities.
I grew up going to school through Tyler Independent School District. I think we are one of the best. All of the teachers I encountered made sure that I knew what I was doing and I truly appreciate that now. The only thing I wish I could change was how many students were in one class.
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I like it is a very good school district. They have made a lot of progress in being more involed with the students and hearing us out on what fits us the best. Half of the teachers are very good teachers that help the students n care about the students. Thats something Tyler ISD can improve on more get teachers that care about the kids future and not there just to make money it will help a lot and will see a lot of improvement from the students.
As a previous student of the following schools: Owens, Jack, Moore, and Robert E. Lee, I would say my academic experience was good/average. For students who wanted to excel beyond their classmates, if you will, there were options, but there wasn't much incentive and reward for doing so. By word of mouth, I have heard that our school system doesn't rank well academically. It's community nonetheless, and I received a proper education that has not held me back in any way.
There is always something new with Tyler Independent School District. They never fail to surprise you with great activities that students can gain knowledge from. If the district feels like something isn't working nor getting a students attention, they will learn from it by coming up with ideas that will help them out.
The Tyler independent School disctrict has been really great to me. This district is where I grew up and what I consider home. It's home to many great elementary schools, six fabulous middle schools, and two very fascinating high schools, whose rivalry is out of this world.
Some districts allow students to transfer to schools either in or outside their district. Children can also attend charter schools. Low-income students are eligible for scholarship funding to attend private schools. Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, students attending a Title I school designated as "in need of improvement" have the right to attend a higher performing school in the district.
Very good district, many things need a little improvement such as organization and security at schools .
I currently go to Tyler junior college and as I been here. This district has great programs and great professors. It's one of the top districts that I would recommend others to go to. i really don't have anything for the district to change at this moment.
The visit to Tyler was awesome... Me and a few friends went to visit. The campus was nice. The people was inviting. I enjoyed my visit.
My 13 year experience with TylerISD has been amazing. The district leaders support each and every child through their k-12 grades and you're guaranteed success. They hire the best teachers around, I now because they've made me the person I am today. The connections my teachers have made with is astonishing. They're there to teach you things but to also have your back when you need something. TylerISD is so great, they've made a new career center for students to get an early start in their career pathway. Theyre also have 2 classes at the CTC that I know of that you can actually get your license in for cosmetology and Pharmtech.
I like that you can check your grades at any point in time, but I hate that some teachers wait until last minute to put in grades.
A lot of opportunity is given to the students, and for the most part, the teachers care about the students. The current principal of REL is very involved and interested in making the high school a better place. Some more emphasis should be placed on STEM disciplines, as the high school has fallen short on support for that. For example, REL didn't have an AP Computer Science class.
I enjoyed the atmosphere in that if a student wants to learn and take advantage of their opportunities they are encouraged by adults and given all the tools necessary. I wish the administration would get out of the way and just let the teachers teach.
I enjoyed being in TISD. It definitely was rigorous and in high school we had a wide variety of advanced courses available to us. I felt safe attending school. There were plenty of extracurricular activities available to the students. I wish that we were focused on having a study hall period. I get distracted very easily and procrastinate a lot. But a period of an hour or so where every teacher takes our phones away and we pull out our homework would've been great. It would've been great to have the support of other students and we could rely on each other with our homework if we didn't understand something. Also I wish there would be more equality within extracurricular activities offered on campuses. Everyone knows about the next football or basketball game that they can't miss but there are extracurricular activities such as golf, tennis, and even robotics club that are forgotten.
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Tyler ISD was a good school district. Although they do not handle situations very well. And parents and students are not very happy with the way that things are run..
I really want to experience for in life like having a great collage to go to and also getting a futher education
My experience with TISD have been a positive one overall. The employees are caring and seem to truly enjoy what they do. TISD has given me many opportunities to receive my elementary through high school education and has successfully enabled and prepared me to attend college after my graduation and motivated me to continue my education. I have enjoyed my time with the Tyler Independent School District.
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