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Deliberate and transparent black prejudice. Do not send your child here if they are a black athlete. They will not give any credit where credit is due even though the outside newspaper reports it. I have talked to the AD and Coach through the years and get excuses. Terribly run program. TVSD has shown in more than one way that they are RACIST and want to suppress the African American community.
A good atmosphere to grow and learn, but an even better place to prepare for what comes after high school.
The school does a pretty good job! I think the school does a good job good job of giving student opportunities.
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There are some good classes, and good teachers here, and some of the coaches on the sports teams are really supportive, but overall the administration is pretty randomly strict and there's not a whole lot of logic to how things are run. There are problems with kids messing up the bathrooms so that they get closed, and with other kids doing drugs, which messes things up for kids who just want to go to school and learn.
The classes are very long and boring due to block schedule. The children are very close minded. I have had many race based issues that have pushed me to being cyber schooled.
My experience at Twin Valley High School was, on the whole, a great experience, they have great sports programs. I experienced Track and Field and CCross Country and i was a Band member.
Twin Valley has fantastic teachers, classes, and opportunities for students. Twin Valley deals with food allergies extremely well as well as other health issues. The PLTW program at Twin Valley is extremely well run and it has amazing technology resources. The music program is also well staffed and has been a large part of my school career.
Twin Valley School District was such a positive experience for me with all the teachers and how close the entire class was. I could not have asked for a better high school to attend and will always cherish and remember it .
this school had some of the worst people and best people I have ever met. Most of the students AND teachers their are some of the most stubborn, judgmental, cruel, mean, favorable, and just picky. Teachers make it obvious to who they like the best in their classes. A few, just a few teachers have teached me life long lessons that I will never forget. I have made a couple life long friends at twin valley, but most the people there are evil. they will make up rumors and tell everybody to make you look bad. But, I digress. Twin Valley. I do not recommend.
*Teachers typically are fairly nice and understanding when a student needs help, but some teachers honestly don't care enough to, and don't care enough about their job. There's only one or two like this though.
*Lunch is average - not top notch, and occasionally not terrible. There's always something to choose from though, like pasta, the salad ar, or the entree of the day.
*The academics are decent. Most classes definitely prepare you for college, although it depends on who is teaching the class.
*There's currently just over 50 clubs and organizations on campus, so there's always something to be doing.
*Flex days are also offered, where there's a free 40 minute period to participate in an activity of your choice or to use as a study hall.

This school isn't the best, but so is virtually any other public high school.
FFA is the best ever. Definitely get into FFA. They have so many agriculture classes, and a huge agriculture wing. Greenhouses and animals and all kinds of weird stuff. The science teachers have the funniest names, and the gym smells funny. The trails around the school go through the woods and are really beautiful. Everyone pretends they hate pep rallies, then they end up loving the pep rallies.
Most staff is nice, others are a bit out of hand. When there is a situation no matter what it is it never seems to be dealt with correctly. But, it is a very very clean and quiet school. Its not as bad as other districts around.
Twin Valley is a very good school district. All students are treated with respect and given every opportunity to be successful. My experience at Twin Valley has been really good. I love most of the teachers. They care about how I am doing in class and personally .
I liked the school district a lot. There are a lot of opportunities when it comes to exploring possible majors for college. I would like to see more of the school budget invested in the music department. For example, there should have been a part time high school band teacher hired to obtain the position of the now retiring band director.
It was fabulous, I went to Twin Valley since I was in kindergarten. I played multiple sports including soccer, track,and basketball. The sports are pretty good, some sports strive and are excellent, while other struggle. The clubs are good. Our TSA club is good, I was apart of the Spanish Honor Society in the high school. It is a defiantly save school, nothing really harmful happens
I really enjoyed goin to twin valley. It's a small school where you really get to know everyone. The teachers have all been really wonderful.
My experience at Twin Valley has been exceptional. Although it is considerably small, about 250 per class, there is still many good academically challenging classes. Some of the required courses have Ap and honors level classes in addition to the standard academic level. The main downside to a small school in the countryside is the blindly obvious lack of racial diversity. While it lacks in racial diversity there is plenty of economic diversity to be seen. There are plenty of clubs and activities at my school. Some clubs to name are: Student council, minithon, tsa, leo club, etc. and we have big events such as, dances, sports games, etc. The sports aren't the best, because of how small we are, but we are also not terrible and have some good teams. It's nice not being in a large school because a larger percentage can play sports thoughout high school because there aren't many cuts.
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School is definitely average and there is not really a focus on college prep unless you are in an honors/AP course.
I had a good experience at Twin Valley High School. Not very diverse of a school, but the teachers are excellent and prepared me for College.
Great atmosphere, Amazing sources to utilize and AP courses available for college credit, Athletic trainers and gym dedicated to health/fitness/wellbeing/sports, high graduation rate, turf fields/grass fields available, high school spirit/pep rally's, After school programs (extracurricular activities), tutoring available, study areas available
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