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Tupelo Public School District Reviews

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I wish they would have a study hall kind of free time a little brake. I like how we have block schedule but they are still to long class time. I wish I was easier to join a sport at this school. At Tupelo if you are not all ready good At the sport don’t make the team.
What I like about Tupelo Public School District is that they are have really good academic scores. The only thing I would change is the tardy policy.
My overall experience in the Tupelo Public School district was great. There are many teachers there that have helped shaped me into the young lady I am today. I think they do a great job with teaching the importance of education as well as spreading love.
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I liked the various activities and countless academic availability in TPSD. I was a transfer student in the 6th grade from my hometown and I have been able to have more class choices than from my previous school district, and I was able to play tennis at a higher level due to being in a bigger school district.
This is an excellent school system, allowing people of all ethnicities and classes to come together and have a successful learning experience.
Overall the Tupelo Public School District offers a tradition of excellence, but the high school offers in depth learning and a multitude of classes. The teachers are known for preparing their students for college successfully, while also forming bonds that will last a lifetime.
Tupelo high school is a great school that offers tons of extracurricular activities and has a great variety of class options. I love the teachers and the sporting events! I would, however, change the administration involvement and strictness.
I like that there are many options to expand my knowledge. I would like to see more freedom for the teachers to teach the way they need to.
I'm a student of Tupelo Public School District and ever since I was in Kindergarten I've loved it. You learn a lot and the teachers are really helpful. Their really friendly also. Tupelo High School is a great High School and I'm thankful to have spent my 4 years there. You will always feel safe there. The environment is just wonderful!
I'm currently a senior at Tupelo High School, and I've been in this school district since kindergarten. Like all districts, there have been ups and downs, but I honestly have no major complaints. The policies are tolerable, the teachers are hospitable (most of the time), and there aren't any major complications. I have loved my time here, and every year has been better than the precedent. The schools have provided me with opportunities to figure out what I like and don't like. We have an excellent sports program in addition to an amazing arts program. The elementary schools are all run very well, and most of the people are friendly.
Teachers who care, but there are slips in the system for those both behind and ahead of the curve. Good course load to prepare people to apply to college.
I like all the opportunities and classes this school offers. I also enjoy how updated the technology is, because not having books is great!
The Tupelo Public School District is the number one most amazing school in Mississippi. My experience began when I was in third grade in Joyner Elementary until twelfth grade. There were amazing teachers then, and there are now.
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