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I believe the school is a really good school, the program they have is amazing and is open to so many things. I believe the staff is also very good and they’re all so kind and are really there to help.
Troy school district changed my life completely. I have never felt like I belonged to something so big until coming to Troy. The students have the biggest hearts, and the teachers are so mindful of the students and treat them with absolute respect. The dedication Troy school district has for helping others in need and helping each other is beyond compare. They are a one in a million school district and I will always be a part of the Troy school district.
The Troy school district provided a great education. They offer many resources and programs to help enhance my high school education.
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Since I started School, Troy School District has helped me get good grades and all the teachers in the district is nice and really happy to help.
i just recently graduated from troy high school and am now attending wayne state university. i could say very good things and some very poor things about troy high as it didn't prepare me that well for college but definitely helped prepare me for the road of life ahead.
Great school! The quality of education is amazing. Get to learn a lot! The staff is amazing too, always ready to help.
My overall experience at Troy High was overall pretty good. I wish I would have taken more advantage of the clubs and organizations that were offered. For example, Cereal Club. You literally go into school early and eat cereal with your friends. Most of the teachers are super nice and they all want you to succeed.
Schools are one of the most important things in our life and they can end up deciding our future. So, when you have an excellent school, you can accomplish a lot of amazing things. The Troy School District is an amazing school and presents anyone who attends there with many great opportunities. An example of this is their academics and teachers. The curricula of the district is perfect for all students and presents everyone with their own learning path. Another thing that makes the Troy School District great are the teachers who are always resourceful and kind. Since the academics and teachers are good most students are able to prepare for college. Also, the clubs in the Troy School District are also very good. They present students with many different opportunities outside of school. Clubs are one of my favorite things about the Troy School District because there are a plethora of them. This is why I believe the Troy School District is excellent.
I’ve personally had a good experience with the Troy school districts. Vaping is becoming more and more of a problem but I believe that is true with almost all schools. In general the academics and teachers are great.
At Troy School District, I have feel like the learning environment is more unique than other school districts. I have attended other school districts, but at Troy, I feel that a lot more people around me are academically driven to improve themselves. The community is diverse, the teachers are all ready to answer questions, and there's an excellent music program.
Troy continually shows that they care about their students, and are striving to build a friendly atmosphere where everyone is there to support one another. However, due to the natural competitive levels faced at the high schools, these attempts are often drowned out by students competing against each other.
They would keep people updated about any new information and they were very reliable. They could improve on ways to connect to people however, as many out of district students don't receive all the information.
Ever since I was in kindergarten they have always gone the extra mile for me and my family. There have been some bad teachers along the way but we’re always willing to help me to be the best student I can be
Troy School District is a very good school district with over 90% graduation rate. Most schools are highly ranked.
Troy School district is a very nice place overall and it has a lot of really great elements. It has a lot of really amazing programs.
Troy High offers a lot of opportunities and if you take advantage of it it's worth it. Overall I enjoyed my time there, its a great high school.
I was in this school district since kindergarten so I have had most of my education here. The schools I have been to have so many different people from all over the world especially my highschool. There are so many different people who come from different places, believe different things, and have different experiences but that's what makes this a really good school district. I really couldn't imagine spending my time and learning new things anywhere else. What I hope can change is that people would be allowed to learn and understand these differences. I wish we all could have a deeper understanding about the people around us and how different the situations around them are different from us. It would be really great to have an opportunity to learn close-up about all these differences and really get a chance to understand our classmates because this is the first step to being able to do the same in the future and be able to respect the people around us.
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It’s a great school and I appreciate its attempts at improving our academics, but the experience itself has not been the best. The load of homework is unmanageable for even the best of students in certain classes, and there is a surprising amount of teachers who are unable to use any technology to help student understand lessons. They are extremely strict on rules and don’t even allow bathroom to be open all day to avoid kids congregating in them and usually only have one bathroom open. Which will usually have 4 out of 10 toilets not working/leaking. The schools spend all their money on band and are completely unable to bring in coaches to help improve the sports, leaving us in last place for almost every sport (football being the worst). It’s nice knowing we are top percentage in Michigan, however the lack of genuine decent experience really minimizes the accomplishments of the school district and school itself.
amazing district with amazing teachers. could be improved by the ability to take a joke sometimes, but overall very good school
I like the academic excellence that the school strives for, as well as the discipline that students have to sacrifice their social agenda for school.
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