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Treynor Community School District Reviews

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Great teachers who really care about me and want to see me succeed now and in the future. The sports, music department, and overall activities are wonderful. The students who attend here come from good families who really value the importance of education and therefore continue to be successful throughout elementary, junior high, high school, and college.
Here at Treynor, I think that every one involved in some sort a extracurricular activity enjoys it and loves to compete as a member of that team.
I like the small town feel and how nice everyone is. It’s a very competitive school in academics and sports.
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I love the close- knit feel and the support from the community which is always present. This school really did prepare me for college and i am very grateful for that.
Treynor is a small community with many different personalities who share Midwestern values. We pull together when someone is very ill and fund raise to support one another. We travel in large groups to sporting events to cheer our peers. We acknowledge academic achievement and creative talents. We aspire together to continue to learn, grow, and always work toward becoming an even better community. Many graduates return to this community to raise their children, perhaps a testament to the relationships and values we have been taught and cherished.
I graduated from Treynor and have moved back after college to send my child to Treynor. There are sports clubs, academic clubs, community service clubs, outstanding music program, ability to attend college classes while attending high school. While the class size is definitely larger now than when I went to school they have kept to around 20 kids per teacher. My child has special needs and school is very accommodating and works with IEPs and 504 plans.
While attending Treynor, I thought it was not preparing me for college; however, once I arrived at college, I realized the importance of the education I received at Treynor. Sadly, Treynor does not offer as many opportunities as other schools throughout the country, but they do a good job in trying to compensate for the lack of opportunity.
Past review stated few athletic activities. We have both boys and girls soccer,
volleyball, cross-country, football, and boys and girls basketball, swimming is
also available. Excellent teaching staff, principals for elementary, middle school
and high school. Counselor for elementary as well as secondary buildings.
A growing district with 30% of the students open-enrolled from other nearby
districts which speaks for itself. Free and reduced less than 10%. 100% graduation rate in recent years.
It's a good school district. Teachers are great and willing to help out when needed. However, diversity is lacking. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and treated exactly the same, so don't be afraid to move in. The people are incredibly nice and want you to succeed.
Previous statistics show only 1 activity which is incorrect. The school
has a Junior Optimist Club of over 50 members, An ACE club of students who help with technology problems throughout the district. Many sports including boys and girls soccer, football, volley ball, wrestling, cross country, boys and girls basketball and boys and girls track with baseball and softball programs during the summer, quiz bowl team, math team competition there have often been science club
activities also.
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