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Thompson Public Schools Reviews

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The teachers provide a great environment for students to learn. They care about the students and want them to succeed in life.
Thompson school is okay. Academic wise, the teachers and staff do a nice job preparing you for college, especially the Science and English teachers. I really have appreciated them. However, when it comes to diversity and inclusion of students, I would rate Thompson poor. They lack diversity due to their geological location and the environment in which they are based in. I hope that changes as the years go on. I believe that it will get more diverse as the population increases, but what needs to happen first is a drastic change in the negative and discriminatory attitude of the students and teachers.
The many good teachers are outstanding and really shine in their work. Whilst the few bad teachers make your entire class a nightmare and the most unmotivated semester you ever had.
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While attending Thompson Public School I was able to learn more about small schools and small town politics. Overall, Thompson is a fairly average to above average school with some excellent teachers and some terrible teachers. There is a heavy bias toward sports at Thompson which makes it difficult for other programs to succeed. In conclusion, Thompson is an average school that could improve by hiring fully competent teachers, spending less time and money on athletics, and working harder to make sure that there are opportunities for every student.
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