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Never got any help untill the last min. I seen many of my peers left behind to fall through the cracks they havent really changed anything from what i am told i have seen with my own eyes the struggles some of us kids went through here fundraisers really suck at this school system and the uniform code really didn't change to much as far aa the students go. Teachers here not all but most have lost their spark to teach it seems alot of people i went to school with for all the years some hasd a 3rs grade level in reading and math and had to be placed in iep classes that didn't seem to help them its sad when i hear fellow classmates say the onley thing they like is the schools logo a bulldog this saddens me i went here all my life and i seem to never fit in anywhere as time changes so does everything eles i hope thomasville middle and high school changes after im gone for it's students its time for a change..
Per-stein is an understatement when it comes to this school. It's like going to spain without paying the plane fees! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself I'm still on Earth. Sorry Disney World this is TRULY the happiest place in the world.
I feel that the majority of the teachers are there to help you. Of course, you always have some in their profession just for a paycheck, I feel the majority DO care.
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What I really liked about my high school is that it was full of minority students. We all understood how much we struggle on daily basis to succeed. It also felt like we were all a family, and we just wanted to strive in life. Something that I would change is how my school raise money. We used the same books for years, and did not have enough resources for the students. Most of the teachers did not care about us, and the school board wouldn't pay attention to the students that were asking for help. I wish people would care about us! I look at other schools that provide tutors, new books, new desks, etc. and it makes me sad that my high school did not offer that. My school is not rich, and for most part the students does not comes from a healthy family. I am glad I made into college because many of my classmates did not have the opportunity nor the money for it.
The school system is not focused on creating a better environment for the students and overall population.
The school is very diverse and has a lot interactions between students. The school is small and its easy to get a connection with the staff there. Teachers are very helpful and always help students with any problem.
Our schools need more support from our Parents in the community. We must make the school setting more appealing and inviting for our parents.
Its not the worst experience although it could be better. They don't make school too difficult but they are strict. There are a lot of things to get involved in and sports as well. I would like to see more school spirit but everything else is okay. At least i am getting my education because there are kids who would die to get what we have here.
love that the teachers and staff want to see every student succeed and grow as a person, and if you need help with something they will do all they can to help.This makes Thomasvile city schools a wonderful environment to be in and most importantly apart of. you will be able to proudly say i am a bulldog and i am "College Bound" because of all the things i have learned at Thomasvile city schools.
Thomasville City Schools is a perfect place if you want a school with diversity , but it seems to lack all other factors especially academics and sports.
In all of my years of being here, I have not had much of any trouble at all. The people here are somewhat friendly and they don't bother one another constantly. I would think the discipline needs stricter authoritative figures. That's all I would change, it would make a big difference. I enjoyed the time here and I feel ready to graduate.
What I like about Thomasville City Schools is the motivation the teachers and counselors give the students. They're always encouraging the students to go to college tours by doing a field trip there or by helping them apply to schools and scholarships.
Some of the teachers try, they really do. Other teachers don't really seem to care. We get off too easy and everyone passes no matter what.
What I like about Thomasville High school is that their teachers will help you with anything and they always have a smile in their face.
This school had truly amazing staff who took time out of their weeks to give their students the extra help they needed. Many of the teachers also helped students form organizations and clubs that they wanted to have.
What i liked about Thomasville High, was their campus. It's easy to find all of your classes. A change i would like to see, would be the way the teachers teach. Most of them just give us a paper with directions and don't explain nor help.
My experience has been overall a decent one. Most of the teachers who taught me were very caring, they took time out of their days before and after school to help students if they needed to catch up. Also the classes I have taken have challenged me and have help build me into a strong student. I believe the courses and staff at Thomasville combined have prepared me to be ready for starting college and beginning my future.
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