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The School District of the Chathams Reviews

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Simply the Best, kids get the best all round experience.....very happy to be here from last 5 years
Great school
Great neighborhood
Fantastic programs for all students. I have a daughter in special education and one who is quite advanced and have been very impressed with support services and administrators throughout our time in the district.
Don't let the numbers fool you, because this district uses these skewed numbers to self-promote. The district is subsidized by wealthy parents who will do anything to get their child an A or get them on a varsity sport. The school is full of tutored and privately coached students. Sports teams are filled with athletes whose parents are int he same circle of friends. Ask anyone about the special education program and you will find it's filled with students who could do better with the proper support. The district recently built a large addition onto the high school for administrative offices, meanwhile the student body can't fit into the cafeteria or auditorium so they eat on the bleachers and folding tables in the gym with a tarp on the floor and have only grade level assemblies. It really leaves a lot to be desired if you look beyond the numbers.
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If you like over-crowded classes, an administration that does not want to deal with parents, and cares more aboutbit’s national ranking than its students, then move to Chatham. If your child has any sort of special need, especially dxyslexia, I do not recommend The School District of the Chathams, try Ridgewood or Basking Ridge where there is a commitment to teaching all children and hiring staff that are qualified to teach special needs/dyslexic children.
The schools in Chatham New Jersey are one of the best education places I've ever been to. I haven't finished school yet, but the teachers are kind and helpful. There are also free chips, candy, etc. during classes and science is one of the most amazing subjects I've ever had. I had live in Chatham for my entire life so far and I hope other residents will love these schools.
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