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Tewksbury Public Schools Reviews

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Very good public school system. Nice facilities, and nice overall school system. I plan to move to this city for their excellent public schools.
I’ve been in Tewksbury my whole life and I have met a lot of great people and the teachers really care about their students. Only problems I’ve had are with communication from administrators and the resources we are made aware of for our future. While those two negatives are relatively significant, the friends I have made make up for it. If you end up attending TMHS take advantage of all the clubs they offer and try something new. I have met so many new amazing people from other towns with the opportunities this school has given me outside of our little town.
If you have a cookie cutter kid who can sit for long periods of time and do worksheets, you will be fine. Or if you have a star athlete, you'll also be fine. If you have a kid that doesn't fit the mold, you're going to be in for a bumpy ride. Some of the teachers are truly amazing, and you might get lucky. But many are mediocre and teach to the middle. They mean well, but there isn't the support to help everyone reach their potential, nor does the district have an understanding of what that potential truly is.
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Wide range of academic classes and easy access to many clubs and sports opportunities . Brand new high school with numerous labs and large cafeteria
My experience with Tewksbury hasn’t been horrible but also not fantastic. They need to truly work of their faculty because I question why some teachers are hired at times, but their are definitely a few outstanding ones. Tewksbury cares about its students and strives for the best learning experience possible through electives and enforcing the common core classes. They heavily prepare the students for MCAS and other standardized tests.
I was always lucky and ended up on good teams with very helpful teachers. However when I was at the Wynn Middle School we did not have full access to the library. Also more academic fair for the students to showcase their abilities would have been nice.
Tewksbury is a stereotypical, cliche American highs chool with few outstanding characteristics, staff, or programs
As a parent in the school district for more than 6 years I can honestly say I have encountered some of the most amazing teachers, aids and staff. I have had teachers go above and beyond to help my child with learning disabilities. They've restored her self confidence and she has excelled in these past few years in Tewksbury schools.
I really enjoyed some of the teachers approach to education. You can really tell which teachers love what they do and that in a way made me want to become a teacher. Some things I would like to see change is in the teachers that do not love what they do. Many are closed off and stay very much in their lesson plan and do not provide much help when students are confused. Another thing that I would like to maybe see change is the classroom/school "decorations". When walking down the halls and through the school in general there is not much on the walls. There is no color, and it feels as though there is no fun.
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