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Tenafly Public School District Reviews

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Tenafly is a great place to learn and has provided me with various academic and athletic opportunities that I am grateful for. The school district has also brought me closer to my friends and immersed me in high school life. The only thing I wish was that Tenafly had more school spirit, but I think that is getting better with time.
Worst school district. The Taiwanese woman Jasmine set up an illegal Chinese social group. They stole my identity, attacked everyone and lied about everything, yet also pretended to be the victims and benefited from their illegal crimes! Stay away from these evil people!
Very affluent town. Primarily Korean and Jewish inhabitants. A bit of class tension between nova rich and middle class.
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Excellent school systems with a wonderful administration (teachers and staff). There is a lot of support for kids in this school and the college guidance department is very good. SAT scores are high and the students have a large selection of classes to chose from.
P.S. The parents in this community very much value education and this is a wonderful place to live.
Great courses, great teachers
got help with needed it
overall great experience
great lacrosse team with amazing coaching staff
Better than a private school. Switched kids from private to Tenafly public, best decision. Kids are well behaved, polite and very supportive of their fellow students. Teachers and staff are friendly, helpful and easy to communicate with.
Very diverse/academic rigor. Many opportunities for student success. Teachers accessible~ flexible. Excellent school system
Tenafly is a wonderful town for education, but unfortunately the schools are among the most stressful in terms of workload and worst for bullying in the Bergen County area. It is tough enough to concentrate on school work and sports, but even tougher so when the harassment and drama from the student body is constant.
Teachers are great, here to help. The students are very competitive with a work load that is very difficult.
TPS has a great culture - teachers and administrators are incredibly nurturing, actively encouraging students to speak up in class and drive their own learning. This support network makes it easy to succeed if you are determined, but, more importantly, it makes going to class enjoyable. Though the atmosphere can be high-pressure at times, I never found it overwhelming. Students and teachers tended to have fun in class, constantly joking with one another. I loved my experience in the Tenafly public school system, but I think it really is what you make of it - many students did go on to attend pedigree colleges. The worst thing about the TPS network is the glaring lack of demographic diversity.
The people are very cliquey and in case of bullying, the administration doesn't do much at all. The teachers are alright. There are some that shouldn't be teaching at all and it isn't a very diverse school. At least it has good academics.
Excellent academic studies, need to approve with some teachers behavior.
Good source of after school programs.
This school has good ratings, but truthfully it is nothing but a work mill. There ins no socialization, primarily because everyone has too much work.
amazing school, great people, low bullying rate, everyone is very rich but they are the good people type of rich so its all good. Everyone ends up going to good colleges at the end.
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