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Temple City Unified School District Reviews

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I’ve attended Temple City Unified School district all 12 years and I liked my time here. I can proudly say is that the staff really care about their students.
Been enrolled all my life. Being in a small community, everyone feels very connected and I was able to establish many close relationships with both students and faculty. Progressive STEM departments. The performing art department at TCHS is very well supported and perform at high caliber in comparison with our neighboring districts. I also appreciated the safe atmosphere at TCHS. Many of us share the same morals and have less instances of violence or bullying.
The people at Temple City are really welcoming and warm, so it a perfect environment to make friends. The teachers are also available outside of school hours and students are able to connect with them, gaining resources and more insight about the course. We are really organized in terms of clubs and teams as well. Therefore people feel included at school, especially when they are able to pursue their interests in a space where there are people who share common hobbies.
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I like that our school district is very small. We only have one highschool in our city and one middle school so really you grow up with everyone you go to highschool with and I like that. I think that the school district needs to pay more attention to female sports though because at times it seems they favor the boys sports.
My experience in the TCUSD system is generally positive. They have give many opportunities to students who wish to pursue higher education in the form of many APs, for a medium sized school. Their teachers are well-paid, and informative, and are very supportive of their clubs. They prioritize safety above all else, and offer many STEM classes as well. The only place in which I believe is improvement is in the food they serve, and in administration, since they are constantly moving around. There is also a lot of construction currently taking place as well
I like this district a lot,it’s very safe and have good teacher resources, student in this district can get very good education. We have activities happened a lot in the district and district help our school build new buildings and pools.
I would like to see better school, more focus on clubs, and yearly review of teachers to ensure they are up to standards for the subjects they teach
I think my experience at the Temple City Unified School District was overall pretty great because of my fellow students. There is great diversity on the Temple City campuses and most students are motivated to do well and participate in class, so it is a great environment to learn in. However, I gave it only three stars because there are many teachers who do not teach well and properly do their jobs, but they continue to stay at the school and have a high salary because of teacher tenure. Students are aware of the teachers who only show videos in class or grade unfairly and are biased. There are some excellent teachers too though and they are what make Temple City schools so great.
There are three elementary school, but only one intermediate school and one high school so you can imagine how large each graduating class is. In the high school there are a lot of different clubs and extracurriculars students can join. Also, there a lot of Asians here so some Asian culture can be seen on campus. For example, during Fun Food Friday, clubs sell egg rolls, pad thai, and other Asian foods. Also, there's one teacher on campus who takes off his shoes when he's in the classroom.
Temple City is a pretty safe environment and the students at school are pretty inclusive. The faculty and staff are spirited! The events such as football games, rallies, and school dances are well organized and exciting! There have been a lot of changes in the Temple City district recently and not everyone approves of the changes. However, the students and teachers adapt quickly to the new buildings, schedules, and people. Having been in the Temple City Unified School District for half of my life, I believe that the district tries to do what is best for the students. They try to fit the students needs and benefit the school when they can.
Temple City High is a pretty average school, not very outstanding in any way, but not too poor in most areas. I’d like to see more efficient use of school funding, and better sports programs. It’d be great if the facilities were upgraded more efficiently, and if the school lost the obsession with brick architecture. Lunch has a pretty good variety of food, but the school needs to find a more efficient way to get people through the lines.
I really like Temple City High School. The faculty is nice, the school is clean, and the environment is very welcoming. The students are also given a lot of opportunities and freedom. I am looking forward to my juniot year here.
The experience is like no other! Though you are constantly being challenged and pushed, your reward comes in the form of an amazing staff, wonderful friends, and a variety of amazing activities to get involved in! There has recently been the addition of new buildings, which have been tremendously impactful on the overall student experience.
Temple City Unified School District has provided me with a great education. Having been in this district since Kindergarten, I have spent almost 12 years in this district. I like how the staff members are friendly, the schools felt safe, and the community was welcoming. I am very satisfied with this district, and I feel as if I have gained a lot through this community. I've had excellent teachers, but the only thing I would change in this district is their communication skills. Often times, we would have schedule changes in a whim, or they would forget to remind seniors about an assembly, etc. Their communication is sometimes inefficient, and students are sometimes left confused about the directions given.
I was very involved at Temple City High School and I loved it there. I knew all the staff and administrator. I was apart of the associated student body and I wanted to have a voice at my school. TCHS is a home to me and I made a family over there. They are so welcoming and loving and want to see you succeed. It’s a place where we all unite together and make a difference in our community.
TCHS definitely prepared me for college and motivated me to be a better student. All the campus security guards are friendly and the teachers do what they can to make their students high school experience better. The courses here are challenging but doable, there are classes from small business to sports medicine. The high school is conveniently located near restaurants yet still has a wide variety of food that they sell during our lunch our. TCHS is a very spirited and competitive school.
The Temple City Unified School District is very open and thoughtful to their students. With a very diverse community (ethnicities, LGBTQ, gender fluidity) the teachers and student body is very supportive of one another.
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Been in the district for over 8 years. Had great experiences in both academics and general school life. The school populations are relatively small and the majority is of Asian background.
Everyday, I hear of numerous students complaining at what a dump the school is. What I believe they don't see is the opportunity this school holds. There is a room literally dedicated to helping with your future, there's counselors happy to help you, teachers with their wisdom, and a bunch of different ways to be involved in school. There's a fantastic performing arts department, a unique one that provides a period to "de-stress" from a day of academics. There's teachers that truly care for their students and do things that take time like letters of recommendations that they take out of their day to do for their students. In addition, the campus staff are always somewhere around the corner to greet you and ensure our safety. In all, this school has a place for everyone and although we are small, I have met many amazing people on this campus
In my 4 years here, I was always very close minded and had fear. But with the people I have met along the way, I was very surprised with myself. I didn't think I would like high school, since I was starting a new school and I didn't like the idea of meeting new people. In the end, I enjoyed it and am really sad that it is almost ending but here comes to a new chapter in my life as one ends.
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