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I liked the classes offered at the high school. I would like to see more activities outside of school like dances.
I've attended the Teays Valley School District for over a decade and I have not met someone who was unhappy with the district! There is a reason we are nationally recognized:)
The teachers really cared about you and formed good relationships with their students. Teays valley offers so many opportunities like online schooling, college credit plus, scholarships, etc. The community is very involved and supportive as well. Proud to be a Viking!
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Awesome! Such a great community! The teachers and staff are wonderful and help the students achieve goals for their futures!
I thought Teays was a very school the school spirit was absolutely amazing and the people there are so down to earth. I met some of the nicest people I know at Teays and met some of my best friends. Going to school here was an unforgettable experience because I had the best teachers and the counselors were very helpful when it came to educating us on colleges. I loved a lot about Teays Valley it was a D1 school in the middle of nowhere so all the families loved going to the sporting events which made unforgettable memories. The only thing I would change about Teays is the diversity. We do not have a wide variety of cultures which is sad to me and is very cool to experience different cultures. Overall Teays was a very good school for me and taught me a lot of new things and a lot about myself.
My grandchildren went to this school and experienced a hostile environment. One in band was told by her instructor that she could not pursue her career path as veterinary and remain in band. She could only do one or the other. Her previous school it was not a problem and her band scholarship was to help her into college for veterinary. When she had doctor appointments or was ill and did not have perfect attendance she was penalized and not allowed to participate in activities. Some of the demands I met with at the elementary and others was unrealistic to be able to do and still maintain a day job especially if you were working class or low income and did not have a lot of resources and/or a lot of acceptance at your job to meet the demands required by multiple children in school. Now the children are being forced to return to the school and do not want to go and it is a definite failing situation being required
Teays Valley is a very well-rounded high school. They offer many pathways to help you pick the career for you. The teachers and administration truly care for your education. Many teachers will often times stay after school to help you better understand their curriculum. The atmosphere at Teays Valley is also exceptional. Everywhere you look there are smiles and laughter. Everyone is so outgoing and accept you for what you are and there always someone there for you when you are in a tough spot. There are also so many things to get involved in at Teays Valley they offer over 22 clubs and sports to keep you busy and connected.
I am currently a junior at Teays Valley High School. Some teachers at the school are better than others but they are all committed to helping you achieve what ever it is that you want to achieve. The guidance counselors are committed to preparing you for college. They have created many extracurricular activities that lead you in a pathway to your career. The building it self is a very nice building. We have air conditioning and heat for the winter which some schools can’t say that they have. The only thing that is high schoolers don’t really like is the brick walls that I’m a sense trap us in and cause a feeling of “prison” even thought it does better protect us it still does cause some inconvenience.
Has many awesome programs including FFA/Agricultural Programs, Foreign Languages, Finance, and IT. Personally I took part in the Ag portion and in this section I learn about the inner workings of small engines for Lawn Mowers and other small gas powered equipment, I also had the chance to learn how to used a welder ranging from stick, mig and torch welding. In the foreign language department I was enrolled in a German class and he I learned the basic words hello, birthday, what time it was or how i got to places. Overall I enjoyed my time at Teays Valley and encourage people to enroll there children in this school district
TVHS was an amazing place to attend. Plenty of extra curricular activities, there is something for everyone. School is always clean. Student safety is number one. Teachers are top notch. Student to teacher ratio is below average for central Ohio. The area, keeping me from rating it overall a 5 star, is their support for their above average students.
At Teays Valley, I love how the teachers and the staff are all such amazing people. They are so supportive and helpful. However, I would like to see change in the student body. I wish it was a requirement for students to be in at least one or more club. I feel as if that would teach younger students without jobs how to communicate and it would give them a responsibility and a commitment.
I liked how accepting everyone there is. They have a very big "no bullying" policy and they enforce it very well. No one is to feel left out and they are not. The one thing that I would like to see changed in the school is more clubs geared toward students who are in the LGBT community. We started a club for the LGBT but it never really took off. I would just simply like to see it be more accepted.
My experience with Teays Valley has been amazing! I began my schooling career in kindergarten and it is now my junior year and I can proudly say it has been one of the most rewarding and cultivating things i have ever done. I honestly love attending school because not only do I know that everyday is going to be different, but that my teachers are going to push me to be the best version of myself possible. The activities integrated in the school are outstanding. I participate in as much as I can. Currently, I am involved with French Club, National Honor Society, World Language Honor Society, Student council and F.O.R. Club. The sports teams are also a great opportunity to compete with amazing competition and create friendships that will last a lifetime. The only aspect I would really change would be a more efficient way to allow the entire student body to communicate throughout the entirety of the school to arrange an environment that has been accustomed to everyone needs.
I have been going to school in this district since I started kindergarten. I think most of the teachers are pretty good but the diversity and culture could use some work.
I have attended Teays Valley schools my entire school career. Every school has been great. The teachers are excellent, administration is very supportive of all aspects of the educational process. All of our schools have repeatedly received excellent scores from the state of Ohio. We have a high graduation rate and high percentage of students who move on to higher education. Teays Valley keeps up with new technology and is in the process of getting Chromebooks in the hands of every student grade 2-12! The only thing I can think of that's negative is the cafeteria food especially at the high school.
The cooks just don't know how to properly prepare the food. Menu is blah and lacking in variety. I am not a picky eater by any means and I only eat about once a week on pizza day.
Teays Valley is a nice school, but there are some things I'd like to change for future students and that is for the school to be cleaner and nicer. I would like for the teachers to care a little more about the students and their well-being.
I love how Teays Valley is a safe and clean environment for students to learn. They offer many programs for gifted and talented students, but the focus on those students when it comes to Senior year applying to colleges is a little lacking. Guidance tends to focus on the kids that need help graduating versus the kids that could get many scholarships (even though those kids still do not know how to even apply for scholarships).

Overall, however, I would definitely advocate for this school district as a whole!
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I like that the staff and administration seems to genuinely care about the kids. The middle school programs are especially terrific . The only downfall would have to be high school guidance counseling department. The kids were not kept informed of testing, scholarship opportunities, college essay preparation, etc. They did the bare minimum - maybe less.
I love Teays Valley it’s a great school! The teachers are so kind and always help us. I’m always laughing when at school, the environment is the perfect mix of relaxed but still getting all our work done.
The family feel is the best part about going to a small high school. The staff really cares too. When you are going through something you usually have an entire support system at Teays to back you up.
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