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Tea is an awesome school to attend because the whole community is centered around school sports, arts, and activities. Going to Tea Area High School makes you feel like you belong to something and that you have a purpose. They are starting to offer various AP, and honors classes but I do wish that there would be more!
Some of my favorite memories comes from my time at Tea, the band program is great, there’s few enough students where most of the people in my grade were friends with each other, and the teachers were wonderful and easy to talk to
I've been a Tea student since kindergarten. This is a community of young growth, with far more young students joining the school district than old students. In the high school, we are state champions in multiple sports - from basketball and football to soccer. My one criticism here is the stunted theatre program, which has been severely stunted by the lack of a performing arts center.
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I like how close-knit the school is; we are pretty small, and that makes everyone closer. I felt like I had a true connection between my friends, peers, and teachers as well.
The majority of the teachers don't seem to fully care for their students. The administration also does not seem to care as much as they should. Smart students and athletes are preferred, and this is coming from a smarter student that noticed others not getting the same treatment. The music department is REALLY GOOD!
Tea Area School District has a strong spanish program with an excellent teacher. The school district is growing and vibrant. Individual classes are of a nice size, with no class having 30 or more students. Usually classes are around 20 or so students. There is a strong band program, with a successful marching band. Overall, Tea Area School District has provided positive experiences for both myself and my classmates.
The Tea Area School District is outstanding. They have a program called Titan Hour, which takes place at the end of the day around 2:40. You get put on Titan Hour if you do not complete your homework. If this happens, at 2:40 you go to a classroom and complete it. If you are not on Titan Hour and you are an upperclassmen, you can leave for the day. If you are an underclassmen, you have to stay in your homeroom. The Tea Area School District also has plenty of activities for people to do. They have band, sports, clubs, you name it! It is a really fun and great school district.
I have gone to Tea Area School District all 12 years of my schooling. We aren't just a school, we are a family. Parents, students, and staff all support one another at different school activities. The teachers build relationships with their students and make learning fun. The classrooms are safe and excellent learning environments. Tea Area High School is a small enough school where the teachers can get to know their students one on one. Tea Area has expanded tremendously throughout the years. The students are so excelled in not only their academics, but their athletics as well. I don't really have anything bad to say about Tea Area. I am definitely going to miss the atmosphere of the school once I graduate.
It is a good school but many students are disrespectful to the staff. I believe that if the school was a bit more strict then there wouldn't be as many issues.
I am doing this for a scholarship. Apparently this also needs to be at least one-hundred characters.
I love Tea Area High School. It has given me many opportunities that I would not have gotten if I did not go to Tea. My teachers are very supportive and work to help me achieve my goals. Sometimes I was upset because we didn't get a snow day or we weren't able to do some fun activities during homecoming week, but overall I loved my four years at Tea Area High School.
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