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Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools Reviews

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I feel like we have a great district. The admin cares about the students, Our principals go above and beyond. They have safety taken care of with officers at each school to help prevent any issues.
Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools allow students to interact with the community and be connected as one. There are many opportunities that goes on in order to have a better future and inspire those who aspire. Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools does everything to make sure everyone is capable of doing anything and working to the best of their ability.
I liked how friendly the staff was to the students and parents, but I would have enjoyed the school better if we had more resources to become successful with. I feel like we all received a wonderful education but it could have been a much better experience if the teachers were more engaged in what we were doing. Another thing I enjoyed were the activities we got a chance to be involved with.
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Tangipahoa parish schools focus more on sports than education. They focus on enforcing rules like "No cellphones" but we're sitting in a class with a sub and have no work to do.
I like the fact that it has cowboy spirit. And I love how involved most of the teachers are in the students academic career. My 3 years of middle school have shaped me to be a better person coming out of elementary and I have some teachers that I’ll remember forever. I feel like we could change the way that teachers teach in general. Some kids don’t understand just talking. You have to be hands on and know how to work with certain groups of kids while still making them feel good about themselves.
Great experience. Teachers and administration caring and helpful. My daughter has thrived with Drama club and Choir . She has made friends of a lifetime and although not necessarily eager about academics, she has loved the environment and activities. Counselor, Denise Latour is one of a kind and extremely knowledgeable.
i have always gone to school in the Tangipahoa school district, Therefore I have never personally experienced anything different. Although i have never attended any other schools, I have never had a truly bad experience at a Tangipahoa school.
My experience with Tangipahoa Parish School District was amazing. I am now a senior and will not be apart of this school system anymore. I have enjoyed all the days they let us out of school and all the activities Kentwood High Magnet School was able to participate in. The change i would like to see is students coming together as one and all different parishes be one instead of many others. I’ve enjoyed my time and present with Tangipahoa Parish School District.
Through these classes I have learned greatly and have cultivated friendships to last a lifetime. However, the classes and facilities are not well kept and there needs to be better discipline implementation.
The counseling program at Hammond High School is nothing short of terrible. As an ambitious, highly motivated student, I expected to receive some sort of help in applying and enrolling in college, but I received noting of the sorts. I feel like I was robbed of many academic opportunities in attending this school.
I love Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools because the schools are great. The staff and faculty offer a lot of support, our facilities are good, our standard of learning is excellent and our success rate is very high. I am at a specialist languages school so lots of extra languages are available and there are three compulsory languages. Personally, the best thing about my school is that we have interactive whiteboards to use the internet and make learning fun.
I like how all how all the schools in the Tangipahoa Parish are filled with diversity. From the students to the teachers, the diversity is a wondeful thing throughout the parish. The parish could fix a lot more things throughout all the schools in the Tangipahoa parish.
Moved here my junior year and go to Jewel Sumner High, great school, great people. Really has made my highschool career a great experience. Only problem is the facilities are slightly dated but the school atmosphere is great.
Wonderful! Ponchatoula schools are great. I graduated May 2017 and am ready for college this fall. Teachers did a great job .
What I like about Tangipahoa's public schools are the teachers. Most of them provide a friendly and loving campus.
Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools are Great because the schools are diverse, and you get to meet different people, you learn different things from them, and everyone works together in the school system to make sure that learning is made easy instead of difficult.
As a student in the Tangipahoa Parish school district, I can honestly say I am satisfied with the education I received. I would like to see more parish-wide activities to include all schools.
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The parish is a very diverse parish that attempts to meet the needs of all students. The parish has a student handbook as well as a Parent Handbook. The Student & Parent Handbook is designed to provide information regarding Tangipahoa Parish School System (TPSS) policies and procedures. The parish has dynamic teachers who are ready and eager to assist students. Parental involvement and teacher/parent relationships are vital and attributes to the success of the parish. The parish has a plethora of extra curricular activities for the students to engage in.
My experience with the Tangipahoa Parish School District has shown me that leading the education system is not only about ensuring a strong education for the students, but also to establish strong relationships with the students in order to heighten their experience during their school careers. By stressing this principle students are able to better receive not only education, but also, become life-long learners. In my experience, the Tangipahoa school district has always strived to give the students the best that is to offer, and this shows in the way that the schools are conducted, and in the students themselves. We are all taught to be life-long learners that are ready to be successful in the world. This mentality, has brought upon me, many benefits, and because of this, myself and others are ready to be successful.
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