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Tamalpais Union High School District Reviews

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Overall amazing public school district for Marin County. Not very diverse but the teachers and staff are well qualified and most of them care about their students.
There needs to be more resources for students struggling with mental illness: anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc... The diversity and racial awareness at our school is underwhelming
Overall the Tamalpais Union School District has great staff and a great environment. The resources are amazing and have helped me get through the years successfully.
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Tamalpais High School is a very well funded school with great teachers and access to great resources like computers and art supplies. The programs like the drama and computer science ones are excellent and provide plenty of support for students looking to learn more.

The problems with this school are the lack of diversity and the level of caring that students show. First of all, the school is almost 85 % white, so it difficult for students who are a racial minority. Second, the school is rampant with students who do not try, but still demand high grades, and then whine and complain when they receive a B.

However, even with those negatives, the school still offers a top notch education for a public school and students who go here are blessed with such a good education.
Great academics. Little to no diversity. A lot of teachers are great but there's always some that aren't. The district has a great administration but sometimes issues with diversity are ignored.
I had a good time at Tamalpais High School, although Tam needs to find a way to eliminate the amount of drugs that are on campus
I enjoyed my four years at Tamalpais High School. I helped create the person I am today which I am proud of. My teachers were friendly and helpful, but pushed me to do my best.
I am currently a senior at Sir Francis Drake High School, and I love it. I am involved in sports, clubs and AP classes. This school is a very welcoming and safe environment for any newcomers.
I love how as a student, I know I'm getting prepared for college. The College and Career Center has help me immensely with the college application process. My classes are challenging, but I am truly captivated by what I am learning. I do wish that Tamalpais High School was more diverse and worked on inclusion on the campus. Other than that, I have really enjoyed attending Tam high.
Tamalpais Union High School District did a very good job of preparing students for college. Most classes offered where college preparatory. There where lots of available resources to help with the standardized testing and college application process, such as study groups, workshops, and opportunities to receive college essay revisions. The only down side to all of this is that it made college seem like the only option, while it isn't the best option for many students. Even though I am happily enrolled as a freshman at the University of Washington this fall, I would have still liked more guidance in seeking out other post-high school options.
Tamalpais High School District has been incredible. The teachers, students, and parents are all very invested in their students' learning and it creates a positive academic environment. Unfortunately, with this high achieving academic environment comes some stressors. Drugs, alcohol and anxiety are common in the district, but if you handle yourself correctly they are easily avoided.
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