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Nice and inclusive environment. The Tacoma School District can use some help on academics, they don't offer as much of diverse classes but the teamwork of the whole district is pretty strong.
It is an average school district. I think the school I personally go to is better if your a football player cause the team is very good (Lincoln High School) while the rest is just focus on graduating and go. I however like how the teachers will stay on top of you with the grades and keep pushing you.
There was a lot of fights, teachers often picked favorites and showed it, very little help was offered, I would personally say it wasn't that great.
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This school district needs to work on a lot of things, during my whole education experience teachers have presented themselves in a very tired and or poorly way, they aren't invested anymore and I think some of these old teachers should be replaced with graduates who can positively stimulate student and make their days better, but no. Instead they yell, scold, and shame. You should know that school are sometimes a students escape, they go there to be happy but when there's such a negative experience there's no possible way to have that. The bathrooms are not sanitary enough, you walk in and the ground has toilet paper all over it, the mirrors aren't clean, the sinks have some kind of grim in it, sometimes there aren't soap for weeks on end, not even hand sanitizer, there's no ventilation so it smells gross, the toilets are infested with germs. Don't even get me started with the visual art programs, they barely exist. Everyone is so focused on sports and music and that's why the tea..
I've been the Tacoma school district for over 12 years and i love it. My district has helped me grow in many ways, such as my social life with my community, my creative side, and educationally. Tacoma school district has and gives out so many opportunities and it always a growing family.
The classrooms are diverse and have a fair education curriculum to keep the students on track for the future.
From my point of view I think the Tacoma school district is well organized and beneficial to not only the students, but as well as the staff and teachers, one thing I would change is the way some of the teachers act towards the students, I’ve had had a racist teacher in the past and one of my other teachers didn’t know how to teach very well in a an high school environment. Overall I think the Tacoma school district is welcoming to all students it’s just some of the teachers that need to take it down a knotch.
i been with this school district through out all my schooling and it seems like were behind other school districts in everything technology, education, clubs ect.
Teachers have way too many students to actually teach. There is zero help to teachers when they have students with disabilities or mental health conditions that would allow para educators in other districts. The last three years my daughter has had minimum of 5 kids in her class that had severe issues that required most of the teachers attention all the time so the other 20+ students were left to fend for themselves. They need para educators for these children. My daughter has a 504 plan herself and teacher was never made aware of this until half way through the year when I informed her. I contacted principal and counselor a handful of times about what happened and that my daughter needed more assistance but nothing was ever done. I attempted to contact the superintendent about safety concerns over a 3 year period through voicemail and email and still have yet to receive call/email back. Superintendent for TPS has a very bad reputation among staff and parents for not caring.
My experience with Tacoma school District was for the most part really good! I’ve been in this district my whole life and am now a graduate from Lincoln High school! The school and district took very good care of things when I need help or something needed to change which I personally really appreciated! All the districts have their flaws and areas they struggle, but for me as a student I felt well cared for and heard by those around me!
Tacoma School District has well-planned academics for each level that students are at. Diversity is as good as it can be though there could be more chances to diversify the teachers. The teachers that I have had experience with have been very pleasant, though that depends on how you treat them back. Further, some teachers have a one-strike policy and do not give students that act out a chance to better themselves. Additionally, sports are lacking at certain schools and there should be coaches brought in to support that as sports continue to be many students outlet. College readiness could also be improved by handing out pamphlets with people to talk to about scholarships, college options, financial aid, major selections, etc. because I am often feeling lost and have no idea who to seek help from. The best part of Tacoma Public School District is the STEM and music departments that continue to give students a creative and intellectually engaging outlet.
Teachers care a lot about students and their needs to excel. Overall I had a great experience. Food could be better as most students rely on solely school lunch something more nutritious should be served.
teachers are there to help you if you are willing to ask love it my experience has been great over all
Pretty good but resources are slim and teachers tend not to care. Lots of drugs and fights but its still a good expeirence.
I would like to see more support from the district to support the cheerleading program. I was captain of the Lincoln high school cheer team and we had no support from the district when it came to going to state.
Quality of academics depend on the school you go to and the classes you choose to take. Most teachers care about their classes but some don't. Could do a lot more to prepare students for college and placement tests such as the SAT.
I love that I’m surrounded in an environment where I feel comfortable to always think outside the box and I have teacher who care about me and the learning of other students.
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I like the access to multiple resources on campus, there is help at every corner. Additionally, I have come across some of the utmost influential and passionate professors here on campus.
The faculty and facilities were well funded and there seemed to be a real interest in the students. The athletic programs are top notch with top-tier facilities.
I have had a countless great experiences in my 13 years that I have spent learning in the Tacoma school district.
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