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Syosset Central School District Reviews

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Great school with principal and assistant principal who really cares about the students. Teachers always available o help
Fine overall. Wish it could be more diverse, and accepting. Everyone is either Asian or white; it doesn’t make for a well rounded student body.
Also nurturing of mental health. There’s a toxicity surrounding Syosset that one can’t ignore.
Syosset High school has a strong suit for education and support for their clubs. There’s a lot of high level courses and too many clubs to choose from. This does rise lots of pressure in the students as APs are normalized and I wish it was A little more diverse.
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Syosset Senior High School is an excellent school. Everyone is friendly and there are many entertaining activities that will get you through the year. Good and nice community.
This school district offers many services for students with disabilities and the support staff is great .Moral and spirit is the highlight of the district .
A lot of community efforts students faculty and parents are highly involved
Syosset Central School District offers a myriad of courses as well as extracurricular activities that provide students with opportunity regardless of capability. However, a lack of diversity is something that I have notice, with half of the demographic being white, the other half Asian.
My experience of Syosset is amazing. As a student that has been through many things I would say that Syosset is one of the safest and best school districts. They are diverse and non exclusive. Syosset takes pride in it's many resources and outlets for student and faculty mental health. In HBT middle school students are able to meet a psychologist (2) or a social worker, and each student is assigned a guidance counselor. The school has very good academics and many successful people have been raised in Syosset schools.
Syosset is a wonderful place to grow. The culture itself is competitive and materialistic but you will have learning opportunities that are unlike anywhere else.
Syosset High school is a fast-paced rigors learning environment. Syosset offers countless classes to help enrich your knowledge and offers 100s of electives to explore your interests.
Excellent academics, teachers who care about your learning, great community and school spirit. Very safe and affluent neighborhood, moderate amount of diversity.
School is very good. It does well to prepare you for college or university because of the rigorous academic standards in the high school. Diversity in the school is lacking and I don't see that changing in the near future. The school offers many clubs and music classes.
Involved teachers and good faculty but facilities aneed updating and buildings need renovation given the growth in student population durig the last 5 years into the district.
my child required extra services and care And they attended to all his needs tofay he is a functioning college student
Administrators are very liberal. And for the amount of taxes you pay its not worth it. School prioritizes your tax money on their salaries and not on the students.
Syosset Central School District is a fantastic place to be educated. It has all of the tools ready to help you take the next step in your life, whether that is moving up to the next grade level or going to college. It has a wide variety of clubs and sports. However, the town is filled with entitled students who think they have power over all of their peers. The high school shoves bullying under the carpet and does not do anything about social pressures and cliques that the school naturally forms. These issues are strong enough for me to move out of the town, despite the good education. The majority of the student body is unfriendly and will not talk to you if you are not in their clique. Kids are constantly talking down to each other. The social pressures of where your child goes to college is insane, people will roll their eyes at you if the college is not a big 10 school. Town is not for me.
Great place to work/ be a student teachers are great Cb. C.
I love going to school here. I’ve been a student at Syosset Central School District since kindergarten, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Students, although competitive, are generally very kind and genuine. The amounts of extracurriculars to get involved in are never-ending. There’s really something for everyone. The teachers are phenomenal. They all want to see their students succeed. It’s difficult not to take advantage of the myriad opportunities Syosset schools offer. The district gears you to reach your greatest potential. Anyone who has the privilege to study at any Syosset school is truly lucky.
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Syosset Central School District is amazing. The teachers are well qualified and they prepare you for the Regents and beyond.
Excellent school district. Highly motivated in academics. Higher grades focused on college, from test preparation, to college application process, college fairs, and a lot of student and parent conferences. Elementary through high school the school district is one of the best in the country.
Syosset central school district is a great education. The numerous awards and success students have are there to prove it. The school offers an abundance of different classes. The students at this school are fortunate to truly be able to have such a wide selection of opportunities, that allow them to see future career possibilities. On top of electives students also strive for advanced classes, however those students who struggle have an amazing program that assists them greatly. Overall, education is outstanding in this district, and students are lucky to attend an amazing learning environment.
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