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Sussex County Public Schools has teachers that will help you with anything you want and/or need. They have a very good school system that has advanced placements and honors classes.
This is a school system who has change and is no longer what it used to be. The teachers aren't there for students. They have poor academic rubrics and focus on only SOLs
I would like to see more parental involvement and more academic choices for students. A good experience I have learned was from the great and talented sports team which I have had a great opputinity playing on the schools football team.
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2007 graduate. Sussex County (Sussex central high school- VA) didn't feel like the best when we were going ( because it was school and what kid likes school) but once I got to college I was truly appreciative of the teachers and everything we were taught because I was definitely ahead of my other freshman college classmates. I'm thankful I went to Sussex. Wonderful teachers like Mudd, Mrs.Byrd, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Crocker... And so many more make Sussex awesome!!
It was terrible. There were fights every day, racism was rampant, and bullying went unconfronted. I eventually was removed from the school due to terrible experience.
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