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Sullivan County School District Reviews

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Overall, the Sullivan County School District is a very good place. All of the school could have work done to them. Asome schools are better than others. The staff at the schools are excellent. The teachers are very helpful. They want to see you succeed and do well in life.
In the Sullivan County School District, the schools are full of loving and hardworking teachers, but the school system is highly dysfunctional. In the process of consolidating schools, they have wasted money by not properly vetting the land they bought. Also, they were in a deficit due to a fight with the commissioners, which almost shut schools down.
My community is very tight-knit. Specifically the college I attend we are all aiming to go higher in our fields of study, community college is giving us that opportunity!
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It’s okay. They do what they can with a short budget, but there is barley support for CTE or clubs. Sports are subpar. They are working to make things better.
Sullivan County is a very loving and caring county. They always try to do what is best for the students and the people in the community.
Sullivan County School district has some rather faulty opinions. The lack of funding is often present in the classroom. Sullivan County Schools do not necessarily provide a college ready education.
I had a great experience at Sullivan Central High School. It was a good high school. The teachers were amazing. The sports were very bad. There definitely could have been more classes offered.
Love all the teachers my children have had and when my son graduated this year, the kind words they wrote to my son meant the world to me. You could tell they really loved and cared about my son and his future.
over all everything was good, there are some great teachers in this district. Some of the policies should be reviewed, even though they say all students are treated equal that just isn't true. Which I am sure is every district.
As a former student and current parent in this school district, I am pleased with our experience overall. I feel that my son will be prepared for his future through being a part of this district. The teachers and staff are dedicated to giving their best to all students.
Sullivan County is a great place to go to school. The environment is healthy and kind. We are a small community that acts as a family at Sullivan East High School. I would not go to school anywhere else. One thing I would change to make the school district better for the students, administration, and parents would be a mandatory study hall. This would give students the time to do homework so they can have the afternoon to work, practice, etc. Also, this time could be used for club meetings so the faculty and parents don't have to worry about it after school. Thank you so much to the Sullivan County District for making my past years in school unforgettable.
Average teaching skills. I wish the teachers were more involved in preparing the students for college. The councilor's also need to be more involved in preparing student for college.
Great community and school system. Numerous sports, club and different activities for children to be involved with.
The staff treats every student with honour and respect. Adolescents here also learn and illustrate strong leadership and academic qualifications that will benefit them in the future. Children who are new or weak in any area will learn and succeed since everyone is very helpful. The school spirit is just like high school musical. Overall an amazing and timeless way to have your highschool experience
I love the teachers and administrators. It is a great school system. The teachers are always there to help if you need it. There is a lot of school spirt among the students as well as the teachers and administrators.
It's been okay I've had my ups and down I think some of the teachers could put in more effort and they could serve us better food and treat the rich and poor kids equal
Sullivan County Schools have been very good to me over the past four years. From my educational experience to my social experience, I could not have picked a better school to be a part of. When walking through the halls there is a feeling of unison, a feeling a family, something I will never forget. The staff, as well as the students, are some of the best around.
However Sullivan County Schools do have their downfalls. For example, the very low budget makes it harder for our schools to get funding for more expensive educational opportunities. Also, there is an abundance of students that enjoy smoking in the bathrooms, making the entire hall smell like smoke. Lastly, there is so much standardized testing that it makes it difficult to go in depth with topics because they are too concerned about covering all test material. While this school system has its negatives, they are definitely outweighed by positives, and I will always be proud to have gone through this system.
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I liked the time that we got out of school but if I had to change anything it would be how early school starts back. I would rather go to school until the end of May and go back at the end of August.
I attended Sullivan county schools for from kindergarten through graduation and overall the school system is great. The only issues that my family had with the school system was a few select teachers were not up to par. The food was school food just like at any other school and the high school does need some remodeling .
I had a good experience attending school in Sullivan County. I believe there is a lack in funding for the overall well being of the buildings, and for athletics. However, I had a great time being in this district. I graduated feeling ready for college and the world.
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