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Suffern offers so many opportunities including athletics, academics and the arts. Each of these help students grow in their own way. Suffern also provides support to all of its students.
I had a great experience at SHS. The teachers are mainly very nice people who really want to see you succeed.
Atrended public elementary, middle and high schools. It’s a close community. All staff cares so much about each student and encourage us to do our best. We have amazing resources, after school programs, events, technology, extensive sports programs. Many extra needs program. Counselors always available to help. Parents are included in decisions and teachers reach out to them if needed. Diverse community. Standards set are really thought out. They cover everything. Warm, caring environment and Outdoor fields, playgrounds, parking lots are in all schools. We have incredible security and safety measures. I can’t think of anything I didn’t have available to me from kindergarten all the way up to my high school graduation.
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I had a great educational experience in the Suffern Central School District. I recently graduated from Suffern High School and had an amazing four years there. All of the teachers I had were truly great and taught me a lot, as they were very knowledgeable about not only the subjects they taught but in life as well. Many of them were great role models, as well as other staff such as the guidance counselors. The only thing I would like to see improve is the relationship between some administrators and students. I also think that the district should strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all students. They can do this by spreading more awareness of different cultures and perhaps offering a course teaching the importance of diversity and multiculturalism. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Suffern Central School District and am so grateful to have attended such a great school district.
Throughout my years at Suffern High School, I was surprised on how friendly and caring most of the teachers are. Not only were academics and sports amazing, the school offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for students to get involved in.
The High School is very good, with high level of teachers. All the other schools have the most unmotivated, incapable teachers I've ever seen. One of my history teachers in Suffern Middle School only cared about soccer and played on his phone during class instead of teaching. In Suffern High School, while academics are really good and they prepare you for college, competition with others over grades often turns toxic and even if you get an A- on a test you would be ridiculed.
I attend Rockland community college & what I like is that there is convenient transportation to & from school. Also, the campus has many different areas to relax & study or just enjoy the break between classes. What I would like to improve is the cafe food, operating hours & prices. The food is similar to high school lunch and is overpriced.
Suffern High School is a great school. There are many different classes and electives. There are tons of extracurricular activities. There are numerous clubs and a supportive staff. There is an outstanding music program that allows you to play in multiple different ensembles. Academically, Suffern prepares it's students well for college. There is a lot of freedom in terms of schedule and almost all teachers try their hardest to help you succeed.
It is an average district. The teachers are very qualified. The schools do try to accommodate all kinds of people.
It is a very uniform school. Uniformity is not a bad thing in education but can be limiting in that progress is often not made. The schools are very good, funding is excellent so the students are often getting the best resources. However, the status quo with regard to academics and outreach is rarely broken and students that do not come from high resources will often not have opportunities given to them.
Suffern CSD has an amazing academic program that prepares students to continue their education! Sports teams are topic notch. Teachers are part of the community so they truly care about the students
I enjoyed my four years. There are many opportunities to get involved in sports and various clubs and organizations. I also was able to take AP classes which helped prepare me for college.
There is an abundance of class selections. Lots of community service clubs. I'm definately ready for college.
I came to district in 1973 which was the start of my 10th grade. Prior to that I had been in CT. Some of the classes here were above my level, but I enjoyed it. My son was in the Ramapo Central School District (Now Suffern District), and he excelled wonderfully. He did three sports all four year in Suffern High. Some of his teachers had been mine as well. Which I loved. I would recommend this district due to it's diversity and it's teachers.
Ramapo Central has been my home since kindergarten. Every teacher I’ve had since I was 5 has been nothing but an experience to remember as I carry on through life. Some teachers more my style than others, but each opening new doors and opportunities for me to become the best version of myself possible. With this being said, the staff in Ramapo Central, new or old, can change anyone who comes through this school district for the better.
I had a great experience when I went to suffern senior high school. I just wish they prepared me for college more and enabled me to understand what was expected in college.
Ramapo central was great, viola, SMS, shs and swimming were all a part of who I am. Teachers and faculty are top notch
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The district has many problems, which don't seem to be getting any better, just declining. There are a few bad apples (especially in the transportation department, RG) people who just do the minimum, take high salaries and drain the system! Many great, hard working teacher and administration carrying a lot of dead weight!
RCSD has been my home for all my years of schooling. K-12 has been an overall good experience, but as the years have gone on it seems to be in a bit of a decline. Though overall this is probably the best school district in the rockland county area!
Great School. Numerous enrichment programs, clubs and athletic program. This school has a rowing/crew team that competes on a national level.
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