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Streetsboro City School District Reviews

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This school district is great. Everyone cares about one another in this small town. It is a safe place to live and is close to many parks both inside and outside of the city.
They are a very welcoming . I would like to see more programs where students are involved in volunteering or even community gardening projects.
Now as a senior at Streetsboro High, I can tell you I was able to get one of the most comprehensive educations that I can imagine possible. Maybe we do not have reputations as a district like Hudson or Aurora, but what we do have is a culture of success and diversity. In every step of my 4 year career (2015-2019),I feel the faculty and administration have helped the student body fulfill their desires of making Streetsboro a destination school district. And in my personal experience I can tell you every staff member I ever encountered legitimately cared about my success in the classroom, and my life outside of it. With tremendous programs like THRIVE, TV Production, and our very own radio station, this district has everything a student should be looking for. I wouldn't trade my experience at Streetsboro for anything.
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There is definitely a sense of unity as well as camaraderie among everyone -- teachers and students. Many of the teachers are easy to communicate with and enjoy their job.
I think Streetsboro High School poorly prepares college bound students in Math and English. I have taken a few college writing classes as a dual enrollment. I felt ill-prepared for them. I did not know many writing terms such as diction and syntax. In math, I did not understand anything that we were taught. One teacher did not seem to know what she was teaching, which affected my learning and grade point average.
Just like any other small "city", if you do not have a name for yourself, you get passed over for everything. Sports teams are run on popularity contests and favoritism, it does not matter how good the player is. Most teachers are the same way. You can be a straight A student, but they won't even look your way unless you're on their team, or are a brown noser. I refuse to ever send my children here after what I've seen.
Wonderful area, great school system with nice parks in a safe area. Glad we moved here! Nice sense of community within the town as well.
Ok so first of all this school is scary and terrible. The teachers don’t even teach you correctly that’s why I can’t type for my life as you can see I have to live off auto correct. Anyway this schools food is disgust! I almost puked when I seen the mystery meat on the tacos! Don’t even get me started on cleaning! We did a exparament when we trough trash on the ground and they didn’t clean it up until the last day of school! Then the lunch lady’s expect us to clean up the mess that there payed for! Horrible school spirt! The kids get into so many fights! It’s not even healthy! Over all this school is a meme! Don’t come here unless you want your kids to smile cause you better buckle up on this train wreck of a place I call school! And most the good review is probably the teachers!
This school I have been too and I don’t really like it at all! It’s horrible teachers (except for some) but other then thet every thing is terrible!
I have been in Streetsboro schools since kindergarten and I am graduating from the high school in a few weeks. The administration and staff truly love their jobs and do everything they can to help us learn. I still see my elementary school teachers from time to time and they always say hi.
Excellent community based school district where the faculty goes above and beyond to make sure each student is successful.
I like that there is open enrollment here, coming here brought me out of a school district that didn’t fit me. And it changed my whole person, they gave me a chance to change my academics around. Junior year was my hardest year mentally and physically, at home and academically and I had teachers and principals didn’t give up on me. So it’s genuinely people who care here, and they don’t just give up on they’re students.
The Streetsboro City School District itself is a very homely place and everyone, from my past high school experiences, has been almost like family. Being that there is just under 200 students in the class, everyone knows everyone. However in the progressing years I fear that the grades will drift apart. Since the graduation of the class of 2017, there has been a shift in the overall atmosphere of the building. The freshman class is decent in certain ways , but at the same time they're mildly rude. It saddens me to say that I am very much looking forward to the end of my high school career because of it. I hope that they will mature over time and become sensible adults. Not all individuals/generations acquire such maturity. We do have spirit, that I can guarantee. When it comes to being supportive of sporting events or simply having enthusiasm at pep rallies, we have the pride in our school and what it stands for.
My experience at Streetsboro City Schools was great. I enjoyed the schools spirit and staff. What made my experience great was the programs and extracurricular programs to get involved with the school.
My experiences at Streetsboro Schools have been great. I really like how small the class sizes are. Also all the teachers here are helpful and comforting.
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