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Stoughton school teachers are encouraging and supportive for every student and extra help is provided after school if needed.
Things to change are healthy vegeterian lunches and long term mentoring program and adding more technology clubs
I'm a high school Junior currently attending this school, and I think we have an average school. We just got a new building and while that may be amazing, the people and education has not changed. The new school supposedly came with new opportunities, but I feel as if nothing has changed.
I was someone who had a relatively good experience. I met some great people and staff, however its very easy to have the negative staff and people to eclipse the good you'll experience because it's a smaller community and interactions are often repeated. The diversity is a lot greater than surrounding towns.
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My experience at Stoughton High School is overall alright. Being a fairly new student (who also happens to be shy), I assimilated myself into everyday life there
My teachers were usually helpful. Often I had teachers that weren’t helpful or taught in a way that was hard to learn.
Needs a lot of improvement. As a high School student there I didn’t have the best experience. It got worse every year. Senior year being the worst. I don’t think they understand that motivation is needed in order for a student to succeed. It’s rare to see a smile on an administrators face. Teachers don’t do anything but teach and give work obviously. 8 classes is a lot and it can be very stressful as a student athlete. Not everyone is offered a study. Teachers can get away with so many things. The students don’t have a say in anything. The one thing that school is missing is passion and care.
I love the friendly teachers at every school. Even if I have never met them before they will always say hi to me.
one thing that I liked about Stoughton high is that the teachers were always ready to help you at any time even if it meant taking some of there time and stay after school with us more then what there were planning and how friendly the students wer when I transferred there in 10 grade,
My school experience was pretty average. There are a lot of good teacher there but the curriculum is what makes academics fall a little flat. However, the school does do a good job of preparing juniors and seniors for college.
Stoughton High School is a very tight night community with many clubs and activities that anyone can join. Most people are very welcoming.
The teachers at Stoughton High School are geared towards assisting every student who wants to succeed with some drawbacks. They are well spoken and provide helpful feedback and assistance to the student body as a whole.
The average classroom size can range from 15-25 people while the average honors or AP class usually stays below 20.
In terms of diversity, Stoughton High is a very diverse school, a result of bordering numerous towns that hold a wide range of ethnicities (ex. Brockton & Sharon).
There are a wide variety of clubs and activities at Stoughton High School. Many smaller clubs receive smaller turnout while many larger clubs have numbers that reach from 50 to 100 members.
Safety is sometimes an issue at Stoughton High School. Fights may occur from time to time.
Our school takes spirit week to a different level, even going as far as to have our administration put on a dancing show for the students at the pep rally.
The Stoughton Public School system is a phenomenal education system and are really student oriented. The school isn't perfect because there are some flaws but nothing is perfect. However, I can say that my future has been carved out for me going into the school. I would have to say is that they should change how they run things. They can be too forward with the work instead of balancing it but overall, I have nothing bad to say.
Not a very friendly or safe environment but it is filled with teachers who care about students and what they are teaching. As with any school there are a few that you would be less than fortunate to find on your schedule but most are good. Stay far away from administration you will probably never speak to them anyway if you are a student who is well behaved.
Stoughton High School has completely changed my view on life. The people here are friendly, teachers are student-oriented, and there is never a dull moment in the school
Not a terrible place to be for a select few but needs to make an effort to address issues within the school systems. Elementary levels are great, middle school up into high school is not the best. Staff needs to be more vigilant over certain issues. High school facilities are finally getting remodeled so that will fix many current issues going on
The teachers are amazing and really care about the success of their students. The cafeteria food could be better but it is a public school so shouldn't be much expected.
It's an alright district. There are some areas that need work. For example, the school lunches are pretty bad. Not to mention that the water from the fountains just feels as if they've passed through a lead deposit or two. However, the place is very diverse with a welcoming community. The teachers genuinely care for the students, at least at the upper echelon
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Stoughton High School offers a variety of academic courses that pertain to your interests and the different level of abilities of each student. They have many extracurricular activities to get involved in, including sports, clubs and leadership positions. There is a positive school camaraderie as well.
Stoughton public schools are amazing. I have loved my teachers throughout my years attending stoughton schools. I have met many amazing teachers and friends who have helped me reach senior year, successfully!
What I like about Stoughton High School is how committed the students are to the sports that they play. I also love how all of the students that are in one or more clubs are so dedicate. Stoughton High School is very diverse. There are students that are from Haiti, Portugal, and Cameroon, along with several other places. At my high school there are many clubs that anyone can get involved in. Just to name a few, there is DECA, Peer Mediation, Peer Leadership, yearbook club, recycling club, jazz band club, Xclusive, and many more. I'm happy to say that I go to Stoughton High School.
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