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I would like to start off that although there are some qualities I dislike about my school, I also recognize the privilege I have to attend this school at all. Stoughton High School has a wide variety of classes to choose from, and I specifically appreciated the AP course selection. I also appreciate the safe environment that is created and enforced by the teachers and students alike. However, if I could change one thing it would be communication between staff and students. I wish more emails would be sent out informing about scholarships, college, voting, etc. because it would be extremely beneficial for students who may have no idea about those things.
Like every district, there are good things and bad things. Many of the good things, like its commitment to inclusion, are what make it stand out.
I attended school through this system from kindergarten through senior year and I had a great time. I had incredibly dedicated and hard working teachers who I learned a lot from. I felt that when I reached out for support whether it be for help with homework or with mental health issues that I would receive the help I needed. I always appreciated that there was a great variety of clubs, sports options, and other after school activities available to the students, it truly felt like there was a club for everybody. These clubs also offered travel opportunities and I ended up participating in a trip to San Francisco. The trip was very well organized and I felt looked out for the entire time. Overall most every experience I've had with this school district has been wonderful.
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Most of the teachers are kind and will help you if you ask for it. Some of the students are a bit rowdy sometimes but the majority isn't bad.
Stoughton's school district has a pretty close-knit community so meeting people, finding your way around, and knowing your teachers is pretty easy. The school also provides plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities and encourages kids to be involved in at least one thing. However, some departments at the high school have much more caring teachers who tend to student's needs compared to others, and students should have more say in things.
Overall I really do enjoy the class selection and teachers within my school district. There are a ton of amazing oppurtunitys for all students and the teachers really do care. However there could be a better student body when it comes to decision making but then again I feel thats how most schools are these days.
Stoughton Area School District provides a plethora of diverse opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds. Most classes at the high school level are rigorous enough for those who desire more challenge, but often don't provide many options for advancement in specified subjects or fields. I believe SASD needs to be more adaptive and willing to take student/parent input.
My student with dyslexia started SASD w/ low test scores. She is now a straight A 8th grader. I have seen Staff go to great lengths for their students. They use compassion, nurturing and teamwork to help all the kids. Don’t rely on test scores; we chose this District 3 years ago and are SO glad we did!
The real feedback comes from my daughter, who used to cry about going to school and was failing her academics. Since coming to Stoughton, her grades are excellent, she has wonderful friends, is involved in many extra curricular activities and is HAPPY. It is 2019 as I write this, and I expect our District to keep making forward progress!
The Stoughton Area School District has been very good to my family. While providing an amazing and supportive staff not only to me but also to my brother, Isaac, who has autism, Stoughton has taught me and my siblings a lot over the years. Between teachers and teacher’s aids providing academic support, well written and easy to understand curriculum and extensive AP course options, Stoughton has allowed me to thrive, as well as prepared my brother Isaac for middle and high school.
The Stoughton Area School District is constantly improving. Over the years, safety measures and overall quality or education has increased. The district still lacks in diversity and in some cases acceptance of different people, but huge steps are being made towards acceptance.
Stoughton School district is a fairly large school district with great athletic and academic programs. We have a large variety of classes in all areas that are open to all students and especially our science and engineering classes make us stand out. We have one of the first FAB Labs in the state of Wisconsin and it allows students and community members of all ages to create new things. While the school is very well run and the students are given great opportunities, the people have a lot of issues with positivity, participation and over all respect for peers and faculty. School spirit and envolvement seems to be at an all time low which is very disappointing. But overall my education experience here was pretty satisfactory.
The districts ability to keep teachers around longer than a semester is not a great one. Spanish teachers especially are usually here and gone in one semester. With new ones every year. After the new school referendum, even more money was being taken from the art and music department.
I like how Stoughton Area school district is very willing to work with and accommodate its students needs. This district is also 100% inclusive of all special needs kids, which I find amazing. They have good sports programs and a lot of opportunity for volunteerism. These things can help the students grow and develop as people. Stoughton schools lack in diveristy both in the student and teacher population, this is very upsetting as a student because I want to be culturally aware but thats hard to do when the only people surrounding me are other white middle class kids. My district could also use help in the teaching staff, students should have to give reviews at the end of each year so the administration can see how they really teach. I believe some of my teachers are not up to date with their teaching styles and could improve their teaching techniques if students were able to give more feedback.
Stoughton High School, compared to others is very nice physically. Meaning that it is upkept and that the environments in which students are spending time in is well managed. Education in some areas such as science in my opinion is strong. But in others is very poor which would be math. And on account of many other students, math is by far their hardest subject to learn in, and do well in.
This is a school set up to handle a population of people that are not likely to enter into college-heavy careers. Grading practices fail to emulate university styles and time is constantly wasted. While the system is organized and well-run, policies and procedures limit teachers' ability to handle disruptions, modify lessons, adjust difficulty, and nurture more positive learning environments. The language programs have zero organization. There is a bus driver shortage. Field trips are few and far between. The high school boasts an impressive space dedicated to manufacturing technology and design that is public access
Stoughton School district is one of the better school districts that I have been too. The teacher are kinds and very helpful and the high school offers a lot for different types of kids to get involved in doing things that they love.
The Stoughton Area School District gave me a safe environment to be educated in for the past thirteen years. Being in a town of twelve thousand, there is not much to be expected from such small Norwegian town. The funds get cut each year, and they do their best. Most of the staff were delightful people, however some had better personalities to be anything other than working in a school. Recommended to small town folk looking to raise their little ones, however if a outstanding education is what you are looking for, I wouldn't get you hopes up. Stoughton is one of the few schools to operate a FabLab, and have many opportunities outside of the school for those reaching for their higher potential, there is not a lot inside the district.
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My time at Stoughton has been an experience, to say the least. As a person who has always been in music, I found that the music facilities in the high school were the most comforting part of the entire district. The rest of the high school specifically is left with little color, while the walls in the music wing are covered with beautiful art to inspire the students. The academics in the district are mediocre, they teach what they are required, but there is very little chance to go above and beyond, a hindrance to those that are more intelligent than the rest of the student body. This needs to be changed in order to allow students to excel.
Stoughton Area School District provides an opportunity to excel in the classroom. Teachers provide students with optimal care and materials that will set the students ahead of other districts. The information that is taught and learned is knowledge that the students will withhold for a long time. This school district provides opportunity to enrich your individual skill set and diversify your pathway into reality by providing optional courses that are specific to a subject. The standards in the Stoughton Area School District are high and will push students to be the best that they can possibly be.
My over all experience at Stoughton high school has been amazing. The teachers and guidance counselors helped me get back on the right track. I honestly appreciate it. I wouldn't change anything about stoughton high everything is fine the way it is.
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