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Personally, I loved attending stokes county schools for my junior and now my senior year. The teachers at west stokes high school are very personal and provide a solid education instead of just giving out packets like some others do at in different counties. They also do a very well job at communicating with the parents of their students. My favorite thing about the teachers are that they all want you to be successful as well as wanting the best for you. My teachers and consolers have been very helpful in the college application process by being here to support not only me but all of my peers every step of the way.
as a senior at North stokes high school I have been through 3 stokes county schools and at each of them, I have felt like a part of a family which makes it so much easier to learn.
I really enjoyed my child going to the early college high school, I just wished they had a better building.
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All of the teachers and staff that I had through out my years there were nothing but friendly and always willing to help, and never just pushed a student through just to make the numbers, if a student was struggling they took the time and helped them get up to speed.
My experience at West Stokes was rewarding. I was lucky to have wonderful teachers who pushed me to do my best. As a senior, I feel ready for college and the independence I will gain.
Really knowledgeable and caring teachers. Stokes County Schools have limited diversity. Really enjoyed participating in the Symphonic Band.
The school system is decent...But I would love to see many changes. I'm the third generation in my family going to one highschool in this county and we have all noticed a few hinges that have yet to change. One thing is some of the teachers are just there and don't really care for their students. It wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a lot of them. Another thing is that they only focus on a certain thing (aka one of their sports teams) and neglect the other subjects (aka the arts and others). I would say more but there is so many good things and bad things to list.
I feel like this County doesn't prepare you as much as surrounding Counties, such as Forsyth County. There is a lack of AP classes.
Overall good schools. However, based to much on outside activity's rather than academics. Plus, the food it really bad at the high schools
South Stokes has small class sizes so the teacher student interaction is more personal. I feel like many of the teachers genuinely take an interest in my success. Stokes County is a rural county and money and resources are scarce and the facilities are old and dated.
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