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Amazing experience formerly of Poughkeepsie School District Alum. Welcome was especially gracious, well represented, very polished and professional. Everybody smiling. Happy to be included.
I attended Stamford Public schools from 1st grade to 12th grade. I had a great experience overall. I would recommend the idea of using a different food vendor with more salad choices so students can eat healthier. I think child hood obesity is on the rise and we need more awareness to this issue. I love the fact that Stamford provides nutritious lunch to kids throughout the summer. This will help students with better food choices instead of fast food. This will help students maintain a healthy weight.
Most of my best friends have come out of the Stamford school system. It is an amazing extremely enriching experience. It is very diverse and the teachers genuinely seem to care about how you prepare for the future. It helps for college and the work force after.
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Excellent diversity. Academic life is what you you make of it. Academics from school to school differs greatly. Academy of Information Technology and Engineering is superb in its overall curriculum and challenging atmosphere that h los students both learn the essential skills they need to advance scholastically but also deepen their learning experience.
My experience is a good one overall. The academics are wonderful and the teachers are okay, but could be better. The diversity in the school is a good amount. I would like to see more teachers from different cultures. The safety is well within the schools.
Stamford school district is average. It provides students with some interesting opportunities, but is lacking in some key areas, such as high school science.
Stamford Public Schools is amazing but some things must be changed one major thing that muster be changed is diversity we need to allow more diverse kids inside magnet schools. We need to have teachers that are willing to help you and teach you in high school and not just hand you work but other wise there academics are good and they prepare you for college.
I like the liveliness of the schools, I just wish staff listened more to students and helped create fun and productive learning. Why can’t we have bake sales? Or have better sports support? Or anything fun to promote good mental health? The mental health of youth is starting important and Stamford can do a lot more to make school an overall better place.
My experience with the Stamford public school system is that the education is unbalanced. There’s a variance in education from public school to public school and you may find that you are getting the worst of the education.
Living in Stamford and going to the one of the two main high schools there was fulfilling. I had many friends to associate with as well as attend many school sport events. My teachers were always available for academic help and I feel they gave me the necessary tools to move forward in college.
I liked the overall school spirit, think more diversity needs to be taken into affect. The food should also be a lot better and they should start serving water with every meal with juice because not everyone likes drinking milk.
School staff is knowledgeable and helpful in helping out with paperwork. There are many sports and after school activities to sign up for.
Love the look and feel of the district! SO clean and fresh. Always have something to do for the kids and keeps the parents entertained.
I mean it's a regular type of school district. The schools are alright so I can't really complain but some of the faculty isn't the best.
The Stamford school district is known for how well the teachers prepare the students for life after highschool
My experience with Stamford school is that I know that if I ever need something I can always go to teachers or administration about it. I personally feel safe in school. The food is another thing. Grade school is not that bad but after that they should think about what they are serving. In High School by the time you get your food your period is over and you have to get to your next class. Something should be done about that.
Living in Fairfield County, it is easy to bury oneself in the white, wealthy culture of the area. However, Stamford is different, an escape if you will, from such societal ills. Stamford Public Schools facilitated in me becoming the independent, ambitious woman I am; it was not forced, nor shoved at me. I could take help if I felt I needed it, or excel on my own, it was my choice always, just as success is a choice. It is a choice of how hard you push yourself, how much you want to make your ambitions, your dreams into a tangible reality. However, Stamford has its woes, as any other district does. Yet, I love and thank it regardless.
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Overall the Stamford school district was a great diverse environment. I was always very proud to be part of a diverse community, since I am Hispanic. The education itself could have been improved. I did not find that the curriculums were very challenging. When I did struggle in school, I felt teachers were not so involved in helping. I was a very quiet student and still today I am. Teachers tend to ignore the quiet students and assume they are okay. I think that needs to improve.
The school is very average, it does have its perks such as college like classes but the students make it very hard to concentrate and staff does nothing about it.
I've started attending schools in the Stamford School District since the seventh grade and now I'm in twelfth grade and I'd say the district is okay. It had helped me a lot although I would like to see the busing for Stamford High change specifically.
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