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My children are getting a great education. Just wish there was a bit more diversity and forward thinking when it comes to all the changes in society and High School.
As a recent graduate, I now look back at how fortunate I was. This school provided me with many resources on how to succeed as an individual and prepared me well for college. The teachers support you in every way they can and I often see them throughout my community volunteering. I wouldn't change a thing, other than maybe a class or two on how to do your taxes and change a tire–I'm still working on that.
I think Saint Joseph is an amazing school district. The teachers and administrators are very helpful towards the students busy schedules.
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Saint Joseph High School is an amazing place to make friends because of the tight community that has formed. It is not a big school, so you get to know everyone from your grade and other grades, but it's also not super small. there is room for making new friends every year. The teachers are also so close with the students. Becoming close with your teachers comes naturally, even if you only have a teacher for one year. I am so grateful for such a four year experience. All of my friends and myself included agree with the fact that we are su lucky to have graduated from St Joe.
I switched from a relatively close school to Saint Joseph High School using the School of Choice Program. Honestly, I don't regret my decision. Saint Joseph High School offers many classes, and have decently good teachers. I am glad to be enrolling here.
I like the update technology. They have a variety of electives you can choose from. I enjoy the many clubs and activities you can do as well. On things that they should change the first thing is hire only teachers that have taught before. Secondly I think they should let you leave for lunch.
While for me it provided a very good platform to start off my higher academic career, I do find some aspects of the general curriculum to be flawed. Some students may find themselves getting left behind if too slow to learn some topics, and if they are not willing to go out and ask for help find themselves struggling in school as a consequence. Some teachers are noticeably better than others at their jobs, and some of the sports programs are average at best.
The school recently went through some renovations and it looks phenomenal. The library is wonderful. It is a BYOD school, so lots of technology. Most of the teachers are good--there are some duds. There's a good class selection. The lunch options are decent but not many vegetarian options. The principal is a jock and therefore favors athletes. It's a school very much based on sports and reputation. It's in a safe neighborhood and within walking distance to the beach. It is a nice facility with tennis courts, a pool, a track, and a football field. It is well managed.
My two children have attended St Joseph Public Schools since Young 5s. Majority of the teachers went above and beyond. A few only did the minimum. Both students were interested in orchestra and had a wonderful experience. Many opportunities were afforded to them through this group.
Saint Joseph was an excellent school district, it was right on the lake so for us students it was perfect. The teachers all around from k-12 were fantastic, they always were willing to help students achieve and push us to the best we could be. The culture and diversity were great, a lot of different faces in the district which made learning about everyone and what they know better than usual. The things I think St. Joseph could work the food for everyone and how some staff could handle some situations and how they all could solve more problems in a more effective manor.
I love the school system and sports. The staff and all teachers have very good intentions in keeping the students safe and preparing them for not only college but the "real world".
Love this school. Overall a well-off school, but does need to work on bullying that it has going on. I feel a lot of it is pushed away because many of those who do the bullying are big shots who make a generous donation to the school's board.
My experience has been fairly positive. It offers diverse clubs and classes, and opportunities in and out of the school to help students discover career options. Working hard in and out of the classroom, the middle school teachers genuinely cared about their students. An example of this occurred when my Spanish teacher met with me and concerned students on three occasions to help us study for midterms. In high school, teachers work relentlessly to prepare students for college. They pushed us to the breaking point to show us our capabilities. However, from forcing kids to take tests the day after a funeral to making jokes about shy kids in class, some high school teachers lacked sympathy on multiple occasions. Some consideration of others in the future would be greatly appreciated. In the end, the school teaches students the necessary courses to graduate and excel in college which is what a school is supposed to do.
The teachers are more than willing to put in extra help to make sure you know what you're doing. There's a wide variety of levels of classes that you can take, and going into college next year, I feel beyond ready for my upper level classes to come, all thanks to St. Joe schools
I believe that the education I received from SJPS was very good. We had a lot of access to advanced classes and the possibility to get credit from the local community college as well. There was, however, a lot of stress put on the students. Many went to school sick because they feared to miss a class. This is something that I think should not be so common in high schools.
Gracious Professional at all times and are there for students when most needed. The whole staff there is willing to help your kid out no matter the situation
SJHS is a great place to go to school. Through the advanced courses, strong staff and unique extracurriculars, St. Joe does a good job preparing students for college.
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Overall St. Joseph High School has been a great educational experience. But the atmosphere there is a different story. On a daily basis I would see students being bullied by other students while staff there did nothing about it until the ordeal was blown out of proportion. Other then this issue I had a pretty great educational experience and was able to test my talents here.
I attended St. Joseph Public Schools my entire life. It's one of the top public school systems in the country. Mostly because of the superb test score averages and high GPAs. It's an honor to have graduated from such a great school.
What I like about St.Joseph High School is that it is preparing me for college. I have learned a lot of different things here.
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