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I like how this school gives you the opportunity to explore your different interests. You can be in all kinds of different classes. The band and choir programs are amazing. Most of the teachers actually care about the students and look out for them. The staff always try to look out for the students and work on making things better for them. It is an old building and there are many updates that need to be made, but they are working on it and trying to fix it.
Buildings are now starting to be fixed but needed fixing for a long time. Excellent Staff. Safe school district though we don't have much diversity because we are a small town.
They have good intentions and ideas but are working hard enough on focusing on the children’s learning ability’s and strengths.
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My experience with the St. Helens High School hasn't been all that great because kids who had troubled youth caused issues with not only teachers not being understanding of their students but not supporting their ideas to help them succeed in life. The whole curricular system at the high school caused problems for many students to make their goals of having good grades or understanding the classes they take without failing. I didn't get to graduate from the high school but I found Plymouth high school and they have helped me more than SHHS ever did. I genuinely feel like my chance is now, to strive forward with my best and hardest attitude, and to help others in the ways that I was left in the dark about.
I've had a positive experience in my years here. Most teachers really care about their students. School atmosphere is pretty really depends on what you make of it.
The teachers at this school are great most of the time, some are difficult to learn from but most are great. The school is kept clean and the food is not bad. The one complaint i have is the limited language options they offer and the fact that they make incoming freshman take 2 years of a foreign language even though there is only one to choose from.
There is some school spirit and as a result of my participation in clubs, skits, and sports my four years have been almost enjoyable. I also had a great group of friends to do fun things with, that encouraged me accomplish my goals. They helped me make the best out of my four years in high school.
As my senior year started, my mental health started to decrease and I felt that there weren’t any resources or faculty members to turn to for help. I also feel that the faculty members do not value a students mental health over their grades. I would like to see St. Helens high school improve their student support, availability to resources, and communication of faculty and the student body.
It was a small town atmosphere so that didn't help but this school does not have the best teachers or faculty, which often made it unpleasant in the day to day.
While St. Helens School District is often making changes in order to better their faculty and the experience of their students, I feel that they are making changes in the wrong places. Rather than repairing the high school, which needs work done to repair molding/leaking as well as other cosmetic and safety changes, a new campus for Columbia County Education Campus as well as a new middle school. They also struggle with connecting with students and supporting them when it comes to mental health, as we had two students commit suicide last year, as well as a former student. One of these suicides was also left unaddressed by the school, which seems wrong to me considering that the other student who died was much more popular and was recognized and mourned by the school.
I liked all the help you could get from the teachers and how kind they were. But, they could improve on the time we use on class work.
I have been going to St. Helens High School for 3 years now, after transferring in Sophomore year. Overall, the experience I've had in this school is positive, with the exception of a few teachers who don't really put their best foot forward and don't seem to really care at all if their students graduate or not, which I think is an essential for a good teacher. The facilities are need of an upgrade, but work more or less. I have enjoyed my time here in St. Helens High School though, because of the few teachers that really made me want to learn, debate ideas and views, and dig deeper to find information.
St. Helen's School District is very involved with all different types of families and students. The most important part is the teachers to student relationships, being able to have one on one conversations is the only way getting through all of the different school levels here. The one thing that needs to be changed is the safety here, every other year we get bomb threats, school shootings and notes that lead to us being evacuated and let out of school early.
Teachers and staff are all very involved and really truly care about student's success. St. Helens has a lot of pride in the work they do as a school dostrict and are very proud.
I like Saint Helens High School. The teachers are great and the majority of the students are friendly. The academics are not good. As someone who is is talented and gifted we do not get the proper resources to push ourselves, and too much time and money is spent on those who need extra help. We’ve been pushed to the background and left to fend for ourselves. The facilities are decent, besides A building. It’s the oldest and has asbestos.
Like many public schools, the teachers are overworked and underpaid. I don't feel as though I was challenged enough by MANY of my teachers. The ones that cared really put in the work though, and made it exciting to learn some pretty dull topics. The admin when I attended played favorites, and there was some inappropriate behavior that was ignored. The building itself needs work. A lot of work.
There is little to no diversity. Some teachers teach everything in one way and then get upset when a student doesn't understand what they are teaching. There is no emphasis on recycling/disposing of waste properly. The bathrooms are absolutely terrible. In the girls bathroom there is a stall with a door missing and there are multiple stalls with broken locks that have yet to be fixed. It seems the school budget is spent more on our failing football team than any other activity.
To begin with, I moved to this school four years ago from Thailand. St. Helens High School is able to offer good knowledge to me because ever since I moved here, I learned a lot more than where I previously came from. This school was able to push me to be a hard working person. It also helps me organize and set goals for my future. This school is also good at preparing its students for college. Many programs were offered in school, such as College Possible, to help me prepare for college. It also has a College and Career Center which is there whenever a student need help finding a scholarship, finding a college that fits his/her interest, or some awesome programs that the student can attend. Many teachers there are very kind and supportive. Because English is my second language, I was able to receive help from many teachers. This school also offers many resources for students, we have a big library and computer labs that helped with research.
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I would like to see more safety regulations happening but they are trying to make this a safer school.
I like how most teachers try so hard in order to get theirs students to succeed in life. The school environment is good. The district tries the best they can to make their students feel included.
St. Helens High School was dedicated to giving every student a chance at a successful future. Not only did it give me opportunities in my studies and education, but it gave me pride. I'm proud to be a Lion, and will take what I gained from high school with me for the rest of my education. The pride is here!
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