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St. Charles Parish Public Schools Reviews

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I was raised by the St. Charles Parish Public School System of the East Bank and I’m proud of it! Equally educational, experimental, diverse, and resourceful, SCPPS offers so much with simple accessibility and a lot of encouragement.
I had a great experience with the school. Administration is extremely fair; they are lenient but do not tolerate foolishness. If you do what you’re supposed to do, it will be an amazing four years. There are many clubs and class options so that every student can find somewhere to fit it in.
Overall treatmeant of students. Students at dhs are not treated the same at athletes which is not fair to those academically smart kids who work hard.
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This school district is wonderful for all students. I feel this way because the education is great. Also they prepare kids to see how the world is once they finish school. I honestly wouldn’t change anything about this district, so great job St. Charles parish.
School is safe, challenging, and full of options! There are a lot of things to be involved with including clubs like Robotics and they also have a fantastic additional satellite center to focus on various future fields. I am not into sports but they have good sports programs and lots of people are involved. The teachers are excellent. The food in the cafe is lacking but I am sure most people would say that about their school.
A good school system. The teachers are student-focused and accessible to parents. The school system is obsessed with standardization - standardized curriculum, tests, even scripted lessons. I wish the system would be more progressive. There should be more teacher autonomy, arts integration, and flexible scheduling for students. Children in St. Charles Parish Public Schools receive very little music, art, drama, or exploratory classes.
I loved how everyone knew each other. Hahnville and Destrehan are rival schools, but despite being on the different sides of the river, we managed to still come together to do great things like fundraise for breast cancer awareness. I wish to St. Charles Parish be more focused on quality than quantity. Students usually load up on tons of extracurriculars with the support of the parish; however, that's not what really counts.
I was a student at Destrehan High School and I loved it! the atmosphere at the school is very friendly and positive. it makes students feel safe and ready to learn.
I liked that I am getting a good education and would change the schedule that we have in school. I take AP and honors classes and I learn a lot from them. Sadly that also means I have a lot of work to do. Since I am involved with softball, volleyball, beta, student council, green club, and FAM it is hard to get sleep at times. If the school would change the schedule to let students in later then more students could get more sleep.
I have been going to St. Charles Parish Public schools since I was in Kindergarten. I have always been pleased with all schools. They have an academic system that is out of this world. It has made me feel like I am prepared for college.
St. Charles Parish is a great parish. This parish is very diverse, and cares a lot about education. When it comes to education it is important for everyone to succeed in this parish. They will do as much as they can to help kids succeed and have a good high school experience. I wish i can change about St. Charles Parish is that the school do not inform the students about college, duall enrollment, and scholarships. I had to prepare and figure everything out for myself. I have been taking duall enrollment classes at Delgado Community College in city for four semesters. I will have over 24 College credits. The only reason i was aware about this incredible experience was because of my mother. I feel as if public high schools should do better as to prepare seniors for college and providing information.
I have had the pleasure of going to school in St. Charles Parish since kindergarten. It is among the greatest school districts in the country. One of the best things about the school district is that they have many resources available that contribute to success. All of the schools have updated technology, books, and other resources. Additionally, the teachers and administrators are there to make sure the students are utilizing the resources.
My only complaint is sometimes the school district does not listen to the student's opinions. It is important for the school district to understand the students opinions to make them more comfortable in the school setting.
I've been in the St. Charles Public Schools for 9 years and so far they have been wonderful. They truly care about the arts, which is very important for me since I'm in the Talented Drama program and Choral program at my High school. They also have wonderful Robotics program, which is also important to me because I want to pursue engineering when I get older. One of my only complaints is the lack of care for the Gifted Program. We as gifted students get very limited funds and we are always put last when it comes to technology. But other than that, St. Charles Parish is a very wonderful school district and I would reccommend it to everyone.
The learning is impeccable and the environment is very welcoming, but the way some things are done is questionable. Three principles in three years at one school is confusing.
I felt once you reached high school unless you were in honor classes the kids just didn't care and gave the teachers a hard time.
Best school system ever,I am a product of this school as well as my children this is the best school system for children.
St. Charles Parish has given me a lifetime of memories that I will cherish for my life. It is always a safe environment to be in and the teachers are all so welcoming.
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St. Charles parish school's have an A rating for a reason. Wonderful faculty make learning a priority. The parish spends money on athletics as well as the arts to keep all students engaged and involved.
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