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I personally felt that my school does an excellent job making the highschool experience while still integrating a college ready environment. Without my teachers being thoughtful of the effectiveness of their teaching, there is no way I’d remember anything they taught me. Because they were so caring and willing to take the extra step, my school became a place where I learned. I remember my math equations, writing techniques, vocabulary, historical events, sourcing strategies, etc. because my teachers made me try. They put me in charge of my learning and kept me accountable. Without them I would have forgotten everything as soon as I took the test. Maybe the bathrooms weren’t always clean, but where isn’t that the case? I don’t expect gourmet food either. It was definitely better than I’ve heard from other schools. My teachers are what mattered. They made my highschool experience unforgettable.
As a recent graduate of STCE HS, my experience has been amazing. I made a lifetime full of memories and friendships that have shaped me into the person I am today. The staff and faculty are beyond supportive and create a positive environment for their students. East is filled with amazing school spirit.
As a junior at St Charles North High School, I have been thoroughly impressed by the number of classes and resources available to students inside and outside of school. The teachers move along with students at a great pace and the school spirit is definitely prevalent. The only critique I can give is to have more exposure to real-world professionals. For example being able to have one come into class.
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They provide a lot of clubs, sports, and classes to make sure that everyone can find something that they enjoy. We take our sports very seriously and we are very competive. Our classes are very educational and we generally a very smart distrcit and that is why I choose my school when I moved here.
What I like about St.Charles Community Unit School District No. 303 is the way kids are good friends to each other. There are lots of ways to get involved as students in school.
We have such a great close knit community although we have such a large district. Homecoming at St Charles East cannot be beat and our administration is great with working with students in trying to make each persons experience in the district the best possible for them.
My experience with St. Charles CUSD 303 has been a positive one. Nearly all of the teachers I've had have from kindergarten up through now, my senior year, have been very good at their jobs and have helped me continue to grow as a student. I feel very prepared as I venture to college next year and consider myself extremely lucky to have been in CUSD 303 from years K-12. I've had teachers who have left lasting impressions on me and helped form my drive and passion for learning.
D303 has done a wonderful job helping me find accommodations for my food allergies as I have gone through school, and their teachers have been very kind and encouraging for my school career. They have excellent gifted programs as well, and I enjoyed the added level of learning they provided. My only complaint is that if you're in D303, get ready to deal with school zoning changes. They happen often.
A good community school. Really cares about the students and helps prepare them all for college. Everyone made to feel like they belong, more of a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
I am now a senior and I have been in St. Charles Community Unit School District No. 303 since kindergarten. Overall I had a pretty good experience in this school district. I went to Norton Creek Elementary School, then Wredling Middle School, then St Charles East High School. Norton Creek was pretty nice. I went there from 2005 to 2011 and it was made in 2003 so the school was very new and clean. It's really big compared to usual elementary schools. Wredling was pretty nice too. I went there from 2011 to 2014 and again, the building is new and clean and the teachers are all nice and helpful. Overall I had a good time at wredling. And lastly, I now attend St. Charles East High school (From 2014 to 2018). The teachers are helpful and it has a nice environment. There's a lot of school spirit and there is a club for basically any interest. I enjoyed my time in District 303.
St. Charles school district always impressed me because of the length they take to ensure that the students are the number one priority. Most teachers in the district have at minimum a masters degree in teaching and many more have a doctorate. Also the four years I've been here, there was no hesitation when I asked for more help outside of class. They want to see you succeed and they make every bit of effort to watch it happen.
Many of teachers are passionate and caring. Administration is very successful at running the school effectively and allowing students to have symbolic speech and the dress codes are pretty lax. There is a lot of variety in terms of classes and teaching methods which is always good.
D303, as seen from a students point of view, is a district that provides for its students to the very best of its ability. The teachers are dedicated and go above and beyond for their students. Many of the high school teachers will take time out of their days to help students who are struggling with their school work, college planning, or with emotional stress. Many graduated students feel well prepared when they arrive at their colleges. The high schools offer a wide diversity of clubs and sports for students to take part in and they foster student independence by encouraging students to form their own clubs and organizations.
The D303 school district is very nice and clean school with a friendly atmosphere. The schools have friendly teachers that want you to succeed and help you when needed.
A community full of very talented and bright people who look out for one another, and pursue excellence!
The D303 School District is overall a good district, and the quality increases the farther you get in your schooling. For example, I personally didn't receive the help I needed in elementary school because of the less-than-great principal and staff. This caused me to look back at elementary school all these years later with scorn of the teachers that were rude, unhelpful, and unprofessional. The middle schools are good, with the staff being much better in all ways and a variety of classes to take. The high school, specifically St.Charles North, is a truly great school. The teachers (for the most part) all have a passion to teach and help their students. The extracurricular options are widespread and new clubs are formed every year. If I were rating the high school alone, it would be a 5 star rating, but this is including the elementary school, which is a 3 at best, leading to a 4 star rating.
Overall, there is a great environment, with tons of school pride throughout the year. My high school experience at East High School has been great, along with my middle school and elementary school experiences too. However, I did not rate the district at a full 5 stars due to the fact of the Davis-Richmond combination. Davis was an excelling school, while Richmond was the opposite, so they combined the two, so Richmond didn't get taken by the state. This has been a negative experience for many kids attending these elementary schools.
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I transferred to St. Charles North after my freshmen year at J. Sterling Morton West High School. It was a huge change in academics, school spirit, norms and definitely in diversity. This school always made me feel like I didn't belong. Being of Hispanic descent, my school counselor asked me if I was "a legal resident of this country". Hopefully, this helps to paint a picture of the lack of diversity in this school. I know he might have meant it innocently but it made me feel like even the staff members who I was supposed to trust judged me for who I am and where I come from. On the other hand, the academic aspect of the school was amazing. The teachers were all very focused on making sure all of their students succeeded. After two years since graduation, I still speak to a few of my high school teachers. This school focuses a lot on preparing you for college or the military. I wish they focused on other "untraditional" steps after high school.
What I like about D303 is that there is always someone there to help you. Regardless if it's a teacher, counselor, administration, a coach or anyone in between, they will help students with problems in or out of the classroom. Some things I would change is a bit about the curriculum as it is set up in a way that makes the material learned easily forgettable after a certain amount of time and there should be more ways to work in past knowledge to help keep it fresh in student's minds.
I very much like the atmosphere of this school district; it is filled with learning opportunities, helpful teachers, and respectful peers.
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