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I think the teachers here are very informative and provide a great education to students. However, I wish they would help us more with getting ready for college.
District 303 was a great school district to grow up in. The high school, while suffering from lack of diversity, was great at preparing me for my college experience. The teachers here were average, with a quite a few stand out teachers who went above and beyond.
I was able to learn in a clean and safe environment. I enjoyed being able to go to school and have my teachers actually interested and excited to teach.
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This is a great school district. There are many teachers who are all dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for their students. They truly care about the knowledge their students will gain from their class.
St. Charles Community Unit School district is a place that fosters growth and a love for education for students at all levels of learning regardless of background.
I have had a great experience attending schools in district D303. The town is safe and a great spot for families and I felt like the teachers were a reflection of that as well. They really care about their students and want them to succeed. The district as a whole feels like a close community; it supports their students and families and encourages higher learning.
Honors and AP classes are challenging and have prepared me the most for future success in college. The school culture is very much alive. We are all very supportive of school functions, sporting events and community happenings. There are many resources within the district, including mental health facilities, diversity in sports and clubs, having the latest technology and diversity in courses to take; I have never gone without when I was in need of something.
I had a great experience at Saint Charles North. I felt that when I was at school, I mattered. I feel blessed that I was able to go to such a thriving school and to one where teachers really care about their success of their students. If I could change one thing, I would have changed how often technology was used in the classroom. Growing up K-12 in D303, I noticed that unless you made an effort to reach out to teachers, you didn't always get the chance to build a strong relationship. It wasn't always this way. It started to get this way when chromebooks were introduced to the classroom.
Overall, District 303 is a great district to be enrolled in, especially as a high school student. The music program is phenomenal, and I'm proud to say I played an instrument in the orchestra for nine years thanks to the school district. If I were to change one thing however, it would be the elementary schools. I remember a number of issues when I was younger, including a teacher who failed me on every assignment I missed while traveling to my grandmother's funeral, and how everyone avoided the cheesy pizza because of the one time everyone who ate it threw up due to food poisoning. The middle and high schools in this district are great, but the elementary schools could use some cleaning up.
St. Charles d303 is great! It has many opportunities to get involved with both the school and community. There are opportunities such as playing sports, community service, joining clubs, and if they don't have a club, you can create one. It is a safe environment for learning, with great teachers who are willing to help students towards their goals. St Charles encourages caring, life long learners.
D303 provides a great education. Teachers are dedicated and usually eager to help students. There are a variety of clubs to choose from at all levels. Students are expected to attend college so there is a high emphasis on college and career readiness.
My favorite thing about the district is the teachers. I have had many wonderful teachers who really care about my learning throughout my high school career.
St. Charles North High School is my personal experience with this school district. However, I was able to visits schools of all grades levels as well as the other high school. While this district like to promote academics and how important they are, they also do a good job at making sure the students are aware of this. But, the amount of stress the district puts on the students can be extremely overwhelming and has led to many students being mentally exhausted & experience feelings like depression & suicide. The diversity is very low in certain parts of this district causing minorities to not feel comfortable or underappreciated while racism is still present. Therefore, the district has done well in providing the right faculty to keep things running well but there are some overall issues that they need to pay more attention to when it comes to the students.
The staff and adminstration in D303 really does try their best to ensure that every student feels like they are a part of the whole community. However, I wish that their care and concern would translate into how they teach their students as well.
the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. i just recently started using it, but it has been very helpful so far.
District 303 is an affluent district, and provides a generally excellent education to its students. Like any school district, however, some students are academically gifted and some are not. D303 provides Honors and AP opportunities for the college bound. Teachers are very good, and I've had about 5 that have inspired me to become a teacher myself! The high schools offer a WIDE variety of clubs for anyone to get involved in. School culture varies widely depending on the high school. St. Charles East is more culturally diverse, whereas St. Charles North is more homogenously white. East has an older facility and North is newer. North focuses more on academics and East focuses on sports. That being said, I am a student of St. Charles East, which is currently undefeated in football!
St Charles District 303 is a school district. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure that every student is ready for college.
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This is a fantastic school district. I loved my elementary school and all of its schools are really great. The teachers really seem to care about our learning and its a really great environment to be in. The only issues that I have had with it is the amount of attention that they give to sports while they seem to ignore other areas of the school like clubs, music, and theater. This can be seen through uneven funding and treatment of students. Overall though, it's definitely a great place to go to school.
I overall loved District 303, it felt very homey to me. The staff and students were all great and very diverse which helped me grow as a learner and person. One thing I'd like to see changed is the way the administration handled some issues with students. I didn't always agree with the punishment and act of giving that punishment.
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