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Very Good School! I love the food, teachers, and activities, I love that my child is able to work with teachers and other students i can trust!
I think that Spring Lake is a great school with great staff. Our test scores seem to prove this year after year. The staff and teachers are great at supporting and providing students with assistance in any area for which they would need help. The school also offers great programs such as IB and AP courses and early college/dual enrollment. If I would change anything it would be to increase the size of the school as it is growing quite quickly and we're running out of room.
I wish that our arts were more respected. We do not get any money and it is very frustrating. We are VERY good at what we do but we do not get any funding.
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I have been part of the spring lake school district since I began my schooling. I have always loved it. It is filled with open-minded and smart people. I have been able to make close friends that I hope to stay connected with throughout life. It is also very accepting, it has a small amount of minority(lgbtq+, non-white, etc.) but is very accepting of the people who aren't straight and white.
Spring Lake Public Schools is an excellent school to have your children go. The staff at Spring Lake is friendly and professional. They work hard to make sure that each student is prepared for the next steps in life. Spring Lake is academically focused and they offer many advanced class programs such as AP, IB, dual enrollment, and/or early college in high school. They also have a wide variety of classes to choose from, clubs to join, and sports to play. Spring Lake also offers a wonderful band and choir program. At Spring Lake, children develop a great work ethic and teamwork skills.
Overall the school has a great academic and athletic community but if you do not fall into those categories you are immediatley a target for bullying and being singled out. I have been a victim for more than 4 years of bullying at this school district and have almost switched 3 times to a different school. The teachers did not see the bullying right in front of them and only cared about the academics and the athletics. I would not reccomend this school and would not send my children there in the future.
Spring Lake High School is definitely one of a kind. My school goes out of its way to make you feel safe, welcomed, and wanted!
Overall, Spring Lake is a great school. Many of the teachers are very experienced and cater to student's learning abilities. I believe that the curriculum at Spring Lake prepares students for college.
I personally have had a pretty decent experience with Spring Lake High School. I was lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends by my side since elementary school that helped me through my high school career which definitely changed how my experience went. The biggest disappointment at Spring Lake is the set "popular" group of kids which you can find in any high school; however, it seems many students who have transfered would say the students here are extremely stuck up. I can't say that the student's ruined my experience at Spring Lake though, many of the teachers are wonderful and the administration has always been so kind to me.
I attended Spring Lake Public Schools from Young 5s to 12th grade. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I definitely had challenges with some subjects, but would not have learned to work around obstacles without them. Spring Lake has many cliques and has little diversity making a pretty conservative school. At times I feel left out of things and struggle socially. There are definitely more ways to improve the culture at Spring Lake. One thing that I think has helped improve involvement and the school culture is the One Team One Laker events. This makes kids want to branch out more and support more events throughout the school. It also helps these athletes and actors feel supported by their classmates. In addition to that, I feel very prepared for college and am thankful for the teachers who pushed me to become a better student and person. I would not be prepared for the real world without them.
Spring Lake Schools need to work on many parts of their system. I do not believe that advisers and teachers are very understanding of outside issues that could effect a students work.
Competitive academics, but the social aspect could use improvement. Many students are very judgmental toward others based on financial status.
Spring Lake schools are very academically focused with excellent teachers who cared about their students. Sports are also an important aspect to school life.
I loved going to the middle school here. It was the old high school so it had always been nice, but just recently they added and expanded on the library and every classroom. Outstanding environment and amazing the advancement of technology in classrooms. The library was an amazing sight, along with the rest of the school! The Grabinski football field is huge and right on the bayou, along with the old soccer field. They also have baseball diamond and tennis courts. While I was there, they added a ton of cool activities to the back field and have so many cool customs and traditions. Couldn't love it more!
There’s a reason this school is part of the top 2% in the nation. It’s an excellent school with a surrounding of amazing talent. However that pressure of being the best causes a lot of stress and anxiety to form in the school district. If you’re goals don’t involve college, they fear you’ll ruin their reputation.
I loved attending spring lake public schools, but I wish that diversity and college readiness were brought to the forefront of their agenda.
Spring Lake High School offered me many avenues to challenge myself beyond the standard high school coursework. I feel well prepared for college and I was able to pursue sports and others extra curricular activities that allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.
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I liked how they challenged us everyday. They have some really good teachers. I thought the food could improve. I wish there was more diversity here at spring lake high school.
I very much enjoyed Spring Lake High School. The teachers were always there to help you learn and understand material.
Spring Lake is a great place for students who are looking to get positive involvement while in grade school. It has a highly competitive environment in both academics and sports while still maintaining an inviting and fun feel. While most students are supported through academic counsel, gaining special accomadations for learning and other disabilities can be difficult.
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