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Many teachers are good at what they are doing, but the special education teachers as well as that department are not good.
Spring-Ford is "old school" in most of what it does. That is it's biggest flaw. They are very rigid with rules and procedures and therefore not accommodating to each individual student. While I have had some great teachers, I have had some not very good teachers. Again, "old school."
It our first year in this school district. Most of teachers are great. I like that this SD has a lot of STEM resources. The AT program are great.
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I loved everything about my school. It was clean my teachers were helpful and guided me in the right direction.
Amazing school district for any family that looking for a house in the area but its very expensive to live in 😁💗
Spring-Ford has been my only schooling experience, aside preschool. There is definitely a cheerful atmosphere, a well as encouraging faculty :). My experience at this school could be perceived as basic, but the people and experiences I have had behind its doors are monumental. SFASD taught me how to compete, and that teachers truly are on a student's side. During my freshman year, all of my teachers were easily attainable and always had me comfortable in my skin. The faculty here is passionate about their duties- they love what they do, and yearn to see their students succeed. That, my friends, is what really matters.
I like the Spring- Ford does not discriminate and conducts many different clubs and activities. Also offers a lot of help for college applications and more.
Spring-Ford definitely values academics and many kids here are motivated to well. They offer a wide variety of clubs and their sports teams do really well. Overall I was not blown away with my experience but it was definitely good. They have a really good future planning center that is very helpful.
Spring-Ford is a very welcoming environment for new students and offers a great learning experience in the many subjects through the many grades of this school. Every teacher I have met has been super nice and will always help you if you need it. The lunch here though sucks to put it bluntly, they took away many food items and sauces students loved and most of the food they serve tastes like crap even if its just a school lunch, you definitely want to pack. Another issue the school has is traffic, the hallways are flooded with people to a point where there is barely any walking room without walking into someone and your almost always late to class. Overall though this school was great and I will fondly remember my experiences moving forward in my life.
I loved the environment ad school spirit, but I wish they would care more about students and less about money and competition.
Most all of the teachers here are helpful and want you to succeed and give you all the help you require as necessary. Sometimes classes can move a little slow and feel dull but overall it is a very good environment in a perfect location that is safe and secure.
My experience at Spring-Ford has been excellent from academics to athletics. The teachers at this institution have greatly impacted my future in positive way to help me prepare for college and are always open to questions and willing to help if theres trouble. Extracurricular activities have also treated me very well at this school. I have ran track and cross country for the past 3 years and the overall message of teamwork that coaches emphasize has driven Spring-Ford's athletics to success. This school is a very friendly and safe environment to learn in and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great high-school to attend.
I enjoyed attending Spring-Ford from kindergarten all the way to senior year. I wouldn’t change anything about it. The teachers are very nice. Some of my peers were troublesome but that’s a given for any school.
I very much enjoy the fact that Spring-Ford offers a variety of courses that can help students prepare in some way, regardless of what field they plan on pursuing in the future. Most teachers are friendly and very helpful, and there are fewer behavior problems compared to other schools. The main disadvantage of this school is that, despite trying to maintain being one of the best high schools in the area, the school district sometimes takes attending class a bit too seriously. For example, there was a day in November when Spring-Ford Area School District was the only school district in Montgomery County to not dismiss students from school early during intense weather.
It was a good school but safety was not very important to the school. the teachers were very nice and knew a lot about the subjects. There are a lot of ways to get involved in and outside the classrooms.
Spring-Ford Area School District is excellent in preparing their students for higher education. I have had 5 children and 7 grandchildren in the schools and I am very satisfied with their accomplishments. When asked if they were as well prepared as their college friends they answered a resounding yes. Their teachers and activities are outstanding. The only down side is that they keep growing
My overall experience at Spring-Ford has offered me a strong balance of being academically prepared for college and having a strong social community. There's something at Spring-Ford for everybody if you choose to be engaged and involved. Teachers are accommodating as long as you make the effort.
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what I really liked about Spring-Ford is that the faculty takes the time to help each student and encourage them to do better. I also like how they do spirit week, it is a time to have fun and support your school and everyone is apart of it. I had a great time in Spring-ford. what I think that they could use some work on is there hallway system. the hallways are always crowded. student would be bumping into each other all the time and it is hard to get to some classes because of it..
What I liked about Spring-Ford was how well a student could thrive. Overall nothing was impressive about the school, but when a student shows dedication and effort, teachers go out of their way to help you. I’m my experience, every teacher I have ever had has helped me make decisions that influences my courses. My English teacher would recommend I take certain classes at certain difficulties to save me from working too hard on clases that wouldn’t benefit me in my pursue for my future majors. My engineering teachers gave me opportunities that the other students didn’t have because I showed tremendous effort in their clases. These opportunities included 3D modeling parts to fix my principals patio furniture set.
I Love Spring-Ford for many reasons. The atmosphere of this district, especially in the high school, is unmatched. The passion and pride the students share during sporting events and homecoming and celebrations is a sense of unity that is indescribable. This place was my home and I cherished every moment in it. Of course some days are worse than others, but thats how life goes. The teachers understood, and I felt beyond prepared to move onto my next level of education. The music program is something special and filled with talent. The instructors are a treat and I would not be the musician I am today without them. Hail, Spring-Ford high
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