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It's been a great school for me. It's more like a family here than it is anything else. I moved here when I was 13 and tarted my high school career at this school. Like all schools there are good and bad teachers, but the good outrank the bad. Everyone cares about you and if you;re ever in trouble, someone is always willing to help. I've gotten involved in clubs and made so many friends. My teachers have really believed in me the last two years and have done everything to help me succeed. There are always oppurtunities for students when it comes to clubs and activities.
its a great atmosphere here at this small school i love it. But the best part is the sports. The sports are open to all to help create future leaders. I sure has helped me.
I love Spencer county.The teacher and the community really together to help the students to make something of their lives.
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The education and financial services are absolutely amazing. I can take medical classes and the arts are wonderful
The staff is friendly. However, I was disappointed in the quality of teachers. Often in a math class my teacher would say they were an english major. The math department is not very good.
They have a great selection of dual credit and AP classes, plus a wonderful allied health program where I have been able to earn my EKG and Phlebotomy certifications and am working on my Medical Assistant certification currently.
i like how the teachers and principals connect with the students. the teachers actually care about how the students are doing in school and personally
What I liked about Spencer County schools is how welcoming they are to new students, and how the teachers truly care about your grades and your school work.
It was okay. People talk in a small town and I didn’t feel prepared for college at all. But the teachers were nice and the salad bar was good.
Spencer County is an amazing school. All the courses I've taken have been moderately good. There are some teachers who, in my opinion, shouldn't teach the way they do. Most of the teachers are very involved with the students and care a great deal about the students well being. As a student, I love how my teachers will ask me if I am doing okay, mentally, if I am not doing so well in my class. They make sure that they are doing everything they can to make sure you understand what you're doing and make sure that you are going to pass.
I have loved attending Spencer county high school all 3 years that I have so far. The people I've met and the friendships Ive made will truly last a lifetime and have made me into the person i am today. I would like to see sports change in the sense of the funds that go into the facilities, but other than that I wouldn't want to have pursued my education anywhere else.
the staff members are great! all the teachers want to be involved with your education, as well as wanting parents to be supportive and involved with the education of there child.
A small school, doesn't always offer courses relevant to a student's desired area of study. The college and career readiness center is helpful in senior year because they talk to every senior about their plans for college, and has information about scholarships if a student wants to know.
Spencer county is a small town which means everyone knows everyone which is nice in a way. The teachers are caring and the academics are amazing. There's always someone to help you when needed to keep you ahead and as college ready as possible.
I have been in the Spencer county public school system my entire life, and I love it. Every school is going to have weak spots ours typically being teachers that should be teaching a different subject and not having the technology we need. I feel that Spencer county public schools have pushed me and my education and helped get me to where I am today.
Spencer County High School has been a great school to attend. I believe they have offered classes that will advance my success in my future career. Their class material and high quality teachers have given me the knowledge and reasoning skills to be able to continue my education at the college level.
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