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Spartanburg County School District No. 5 Reviews

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The high school I attended was very good, I liked the teachers and the facility. They added a café and grill station which I loved. I didn’t think the administration cared too much about the students.
Spartanburg county district 5 has wonderful schools with faculty and staff that are focused on educating the next generation. Academics are very important followed by other activities and sports.
I love the way the teacher treat the children as their own.tough love when needed but love all the time.I love the principal and her staff they are caring and loving also.They always have a smile and something good to say everyday.
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It is very good. I am a sixth grader at Beech springs. I am going to Dr.Hill next year. I am classified as a middle schooler. I love D5. Its amazing. From the marching band to the football team, everything is awesome!
I really enjoy going to Spartanburg County Schools. Iv'e always been encouraged by all my teachers to always try my best and to work hard. My teachers have always pushed me to be my best and to ask help if I needed it. Our schools provide excellent student resources. We have very involved sports programs through all age groups. We have wonderful principals and administrators. One thing I would like to see change is a heavier focus on the Arts programs at the the Middle schools and High school. The Arts program can sometimes be overshadowed. Another important issue that I would like to see some change is awareness of mental health, the effects of drugs and alcohol, and death. These are all issues that children and teenagers are unfortunately faced with but not always sure how to deal with.
District 5 is one of the best school districts I have ever attended. I have lived all over the world, and all other schools pale in comparison to D5. The community is very open to outsiders and you are easily accepted. As long as students are willing to work with the teacher and administration, then they are bound to succeed.
I have 3 kids in the system. I like the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the facilities. There are many opportunities available tho students in the form of clubs, arts groups and athletics. I think discipline could be better, but then again that might just be a sign of the times we live in.
This district is highly under-rated. First, the staff are much better than the staff at the Greenville County School District. The environment was much better, and by far, it was the best school district I went to. This school district deserves at least an A.
I have had a great experience in District 5 schools. The teachers are good, I feel like they prepare you for your next grade level and when you reach high school they prpaee you for college. All of the facilities are diverse and pretty clean. Sports are important and very successful middle school through high school. Also, our academics are excellent we have students that are in honors, AP, and dual credit classes. I am in in all three types of classes and I feel well prepared for my college experience.
I enjoy attending all the schools I went to as I grew up in Duncan. The teachers were so nice and they helped develop me to be who I am today. I'm a senior now at James F Byrnes High and I give the credit to God, my parents, family and my teachers. Thanks district 5 for all you've done. The best schools.
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