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Spartanburg County School District No. 3 Reviews

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My experience with spending my last eleven almost twelve years in district three have been amazing. I’ve never encountered any teacher nor staff giving any half- hearted effort, they’re always All-In. The positive impact we have in other communities is outstanding such as, fundraisers for our neighborhood school districts because of tragedies. Furthermore, Spartanburg County School District no.3 goes above and beyond for students, staff, and communities surrounding. This is why you should consider going to a school in District 3.
Overall my experience with district 3 has been nothing special. The school has become so strict in recent years about several things. I would like for the amount of personal expression to be less limited and for better technology throughout the school.
I like that Spartanburg District 3 is a very close-knit district. It’s very community and family oriented and it cares a lot about it’s students. I would like to see improvements in the school buildings.
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Broome High School has a welcoming atmosphere and an overall friendly staff. Like most schools, however, Broome has some unnecessarily rude teachers and students, though it does not cloud the school's reputation much. The student body is relatively small so the academics are more focused. I would like to change the college preparation style of Broome High School to where the staff creates a course dedicated to teaching students about postsecondary schooling and how to find scholarships, how to apply for FAFSA, and how to be successful in college.
District 3 is very political. It is a very small district, so once you are in then you are in. Once your name is known, and people know who you are, then you and your kids have an advantage in everything. It is not fair to others that are treated like trash because of the political views.
The teachers were, for the most part, great and got along well with the students. They are available for tutoring and also post a schedule for their availability.
The teachers are fair. There is a no bully policy which is enforced very well. They offer a wide variety of sports and fine arts. I really like this school and district. I have never gone to any other school district but can say that the school keeps the parents involved as well as updated on issues with their children
What I love about Spartanburg School District Three is the support and encouragement students receive. Students not only receive encouragement from teachers, but also from the staff, administration and support staff.
Broome is a very great school. They helped me learn everything I need. They helped me get ready for college. I only have one more semester until I graduate from broome. The only thing I would like to see change is the lunches and I would also like to see the test scores go up. In my opinion broome high is a fantastic school for any student to go to.
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