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Spackenkill Union Free School District Reviews

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Spackenkill High School, and Spackenkill School District is a great place to live with a very good education system overall. I feel I have been challenged and with great teachers and free after school help I can be confident in my school work and grades.
Spackenkill has provided me with a comfortable and engaging learning environment throughout all my years of schooling. The teachers and staff are always helpful and make the interests and needs of their students their top priority. In addition to strong academics, Spackenkill provides students with many extra-curricular opportunities and valuable resources for allowing students to put their best foot forward. I could not has asked for a better education than I received in Spackenkill and would highly recommend it.
I love the hands on teaching and education provided by the school. The teachers and guidance counselors really care about what I want to do with my life. They give me the necessary tools to achieve my goals.
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Good choice of courses. Small class sizes. Well prepared for college. Guidance counselors did a nice job of college readiness. Food was good, with choices built in and pizza from local vendors. Small school though and could be "cliques" at times.
Such a good and safe environment, the teachers were all awesome and there for you if you need it. I miss it so much,
I am very pleased with the quality of education I am getting from Spackenkill High School. I feel that the teachers at my school as well as my guidance counselor are doing a pretty good job at getting me ready for college.
I loved my time at Spackenkill. I feel very prepared for college. Sports are decent, facilities are not great but they will be updated soon. I've had some great teachers and the administration is great as well. I will miss it here.
I love being at Spackenkill. I love all of the teachers, they are always supportive and push students to work hard. There are tons of extracurricular opportunities for students from school sports to the math team. The school is relatively small, which gives it an almost 'private' school feel. The only issue with the school being small is the lack of flexibility in high school scheduling. I have run into situations where I wasn't able to take a certain class because it was only offered one period, while many of the larger schools nearby can offer it all the time. That's the only issue I have with the school, otherwise, I love it!
Despite Spackenkill's small size, it has a large personality, which many different clubs, activities, and people fillings its halls. Many of the teachers will take time out of their schedule to help students, and there are many other opportunities for help as well. However, students bullying is not handled in a proper way, making it easy to bully someone and get away with it. Also, the school lunches are unhealthy and not appetizing.
Spackenkill is a very small district that offers many opportunities for students for the future. Class options are great (for the size) and teachers are also good. The food could use some change, it isn't very good.
Just like any other typical high school with a few more "preferable" traits. Spack is a small tight nit community where every student knows one another and the teachers engage each student. Teachers encourage students to participate in sports/ and other extra curricular as well as after school help. Competitive, studious and well put together is the best way to describe this school
I had a great experience during my four years here at Spackenkill High School. The staff was nice and the academics were a type priority.
Attended Spackenkll High School from 2012-2014 . Was a great learning institute to be apart off. All staff and students was very diverse and great to be around which made us into a family, making those 2 years memorable. Helping all students reach there goals to graduate , attending college or the work field to become and grow into mature adults. Spackenkill district helped me to become a better student , athlete, and great person in the future.
What I liked about Spackenkill High, was the teaching expierences, and how engaged teachers are. What I would like to see change is more involvement in female sports.
Considering the small size of the schools, the teachers create a rigorous yet fulfilling academic environment. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of extracurriculars with dedicated advisors.
Spackenkill is a great school district. Academics, college readiness, music, sports - Spackenkill has it all. Our sports facilities need upgrading.
Great school with excellent teachers! Lots of diversity and great place to meet people and lifelong friends. Great academics and sure to prepare you for the future.
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When my boys were in grade school, their principal, Mrs. Craft-Reiss would stand in the hallway each morning, greeting each child by name. Now that they are in high school, Mr. Malkashier virtually does the same thing. This is a wonderful school district that values acedemics as well as art and music. My children are in high school now and it has been a wonderful 12 years at Spackenkill.
Spackenkill High School is a great school with engaged teachers, a tight-knit student body, and a close community. It's a small school with roughly 500 students, so everyone knows each other, but I believe that made my 4 years at the school that much greater. The principal is personable, and knows each and every student, making it easy to come to him for help when needed. The teachers prepare students for state tests as well as standardized tests, but focus on the students understanding and learning the material rather than just memorizing it for a test. I will never forget the past 4 years at Spackenkill High, because they were the best of my life so far.
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