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I love southern because everyone is very involved in this school and community. Parents are very involved as well the cook food for the football games they make sure we always have someone covering the consession stands . Are teachers are very helpful and give you the one on on help when needed. All of are sports at my school are very competitive and the love to win.
Southern high school is very small, but that isn't bad. In small classes the teachers can remember your name and actually relate to their students. I was never really popular or had a lot of friends in school. But I did have a lot of teachers that cared and did more than their job required with checking on students or being there to cry to about what may have been stressing me. There were times they knew something was wrong when I thought I was great at hiding it. My peers may have spread rumors about me and didn't care how I felt, but the teachers and other staff did which I think is a truly special thing.
Southern Schools are just like any other school. There could be a change in the food because it is not the best, but other than that the rest of the school is pretty good.
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I really liked being in a small community and everyone knows everyone. Having smaller classes helps so that no one falls behind. The teachers know their students, they know their students strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are always around ready to help anybody that needs it. There is always a couple students that will be there for anyone including tutoring or just someone to talk to. I really like that Southern High School has a hope squad which is a group of people that the student body nominates that is there for anyone to talk to. Although there is so many great things about Southern High School every school has their flaws. I really wish that the school had more time to help students for college readiness.
At Southern High School I have had a great experience. All through elementary I have always been taught well. It has been easy to communicate with teachers and get assignments done. If I have ever had an issues it has been very easy to get things figured out by communicating with teachers or the counselor. Playing sports has been great for me and has taught me a lot of life lessons. All through high school my teachers have done an excellent job preparing me for college. They have helped to teach life lessons and explain what college will be like. The administration here is very easy to get along with and talk to. At Southern it is very nice to have administration that always talks to me everyday and is excited to see me everyday. It will be hard to graduate because I will be leaving a great place but I will know that when I leave and have been prepared the best I can be for my next journey in life.
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