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It's an average to above average school system. My kids find school easier than most so it's hard to find a problem with their education. The culture is typical of most public schools. The top athletes and top academic performers act with the typical superiority that you find in most schools. They participate in the same bullying that occurrs in most schools. The school does what it can, but it's up to the kids to change that culture.
Southern Regional is filled with friendly faces. The students are hard-working and push themselves to become the best version of themselves. Other than being hard-working in the books, the students work just as hard on any field. Southern dominates in sports. Of course, none of this could be possible without the amazing faculty.
Southern has a great International host program It also has great after school clubs and activities. The class selection really gets you prepared for College.
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I attended this school district for 6 years now and it is a school that I would recommend to anyone. It is such a great community and the teachers and classmates you meet will make a lasting impact on your life.
I really like my school, the teachers are all incredible and create a very healthy learning environment. The only reason I give it four and not five stars is due to the lack of diversity and some student behavior.
The things I did enjoy about my time at Southern Regional was the sense of community and the interaction between students and teachers. However something that was not as enjoyable was the mood created by some of the students itself. Since the school is comprised of multiple different towns it always felt separated. It was hard for some of the kids to find the right crowd or groups of kids. The students who were seen as more popular were just downright rude and did not care about kids that they didn't know.
SRHS probably has the most devoted staff in the state of NJ. Not only are the staff efficient, but the students as well. The school in its entirety bring the community together even in tragic times. It also has many opportunities not just for students, but parents as well to get involved in the students clubs and activities. SRHS also has its own security service which is a major plus.
Southern is one of the best schools to get an education at. It is well equipped with outstanding teachers and an awesome support system of people. We help each other out and make the best out of every opportunity we are given.
I liked how you can select which electives and extra clubs/sports you can do. It is a lot of freedom not given in elementary school. One thing I would change is I'd refurbish the gym locker rooms. Most of the lockers are dirty ad kicked in so they are hard to use.
Every sport was discriminative against weight. If you didn’t run the mile fast enough you couldn’t be a volleyball player. They didn’t give a single damn thing about skill. Most teachers either were super uptight or didn’t care what you did. Coaches are sexist. Principles were racist and told me not to defend the Mexicans they can fight there own battles even though they were threatened to be killed by other students because we never had diversity.
Teachers are good, great school atomsphere, good quality of workmanship and career choices, great drama shows, good music choices, love the school in all!
I liked the atmosphere that the teachers tried so hard to create. Southern has such great school spirit that it keeps kids wanting to come to school and it encourages students to want to stay late after school and participate in school activities and sporting events.
It’s great. Had a great. There is a lot of mean girls but ya know every where has those. Really enjoyed the sports and academics. I ended up graduating and going to an Ivy League college. Always loved my teachers and it was incredibly easy to make friends. No one likes the middle school principal, but she is only in charge for two years. Manahawkin and the surrounding towns are nice and safe. Putting your children in Southern Regional would not be a mistake. It is the best school I’ve been to and I have moved around. Always safe with guards and security. They practice drills and are prepared for anything. Go to Southern.
I love the teachers and after-school activities and sports. The school is very modern and beautiful. The school is huge and has about 500 kids per class.
I would say southern is an okay place even know I go there people are really fake and they betray you someone’s and they make classes harder. :(
I had 1 daughter go through all 6 years at SRSD and 1 just do junior high, but overall I found the school system to be excellent. Academics & college readiness are exceptional, if your child puts the time in, they will excel. A very positive and enjoyable experience that will be missed.
I love that southern regional has a large variety of academics & athletics. But our school never has had an annual drug test for sports or clubs. I think southern is looked up too as such a great school but behind closed doors, at least 1 out of every 3 athletes do drugs and it’s unfair to the people who put the same time and dedication into the sport.
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Average high school in America. Decent sports and academics however the teachers and other faculty members were like family to me, couldn’t ask for better people to help me get through these past 4 years.
Education was Outstanding, the teachers were great and aimed to assist students in achieving their goals.
Southern Regional is a pretty good school. The teachers are a mixed bag, some of them are excellent, some average, and some are not so great.
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