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I enjoyed the experiences I had at Southern Lehigh High School. I was given many resources to succeed and I believe the way I learned to use those resources will benefit me in the future. The teachers in high school focused on making sure we were prepared for college and I feel that we were prepared well.
I enjoy being a part of SL because of the wide amount of opportunities we are given in terms of academics and clubs/programs. Everyone can find their place in this school among their peers through joining clubs, and I believe we have very capable teachers.
I enjoyed my years at Southern Lehigh, and you don't realize it until you look back on it, but I'm glad I got to go here. The amount of material you learn and are able to retain are very good. Then the way you compete with classmates to achieve better grades really pushes you to do your best.
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As a student who attends southern Lehigh high school I believe that the falcilty does there best however the school bored always ruins any good idea that the administration may have. This hinders our ability as high school students to destress if we have a possibly bad at home situation. We also get very bad food our snacks at lunch are often stale and don’t taste good. Some of the lunches are boarderline un edible.
Southern Lehigh has a lot of clubs and activities and many opportunities to be a part of something great.
My experience at Southern Lehigh has been really good. I have been raised in this district and I think throughout my time here the school district has done a lot for expanding my knowledge and preparing me for my future. At young ages you learn how to type and how to use technology. This helps for later years because you are already exposed to necessary things for your career. During the college process, the guidance counselors have been really helpful with the Common App, SRAR, and sending schools all your needed materials early on. I am really grateful for all the opportunities Southern Lehigh students have as well. This year, I was able to take classes at local colleges through my school to give me a jump start for my future.
My experience in the Southern Lehigh School District has overall been very interesting. From the diverse student groups to the various activities and clubs, Southern Lehigh has something for everyone. With a smaller class size, I have become very close with students and have made many friends that support me throughout my high school career. Education at Southern Lehigh is very personalized, with teachers/guidance counselors that will help you obtain your goals during high school and after. I don't wish for much change at Southern Lehigh, but if I could change one thing, it would be that students should be able to get more after school/in class help from their teachers, which is not always available.
I liked how Southern Lehigh took the topic of bullying very seriously. Teachers would always be in hallways or else our school’s cop would be watching the camera’s. Physical bullying would almost never happen because of this. If it would occur, the consequences on the bully would be taken seriously. I didn’t like how the school was labeled as a racist school. There was an incident of students carving swastikas in the bathroom stalls and letters were sent home to the parents. The news heard about this and broadcasted the story. I was even scrolling through the popular page on Instagram and I found a video about it that had over 1 million views. This incident was due to a few students, not the entire school. I disliked that we were known for white supremacy when in reality we are an accepting school for race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.
Southern Lehigh has provided me with many opportunities to become a better student and person. The teachers are helpful and the guidence counselors are always there for the students. My overall experience with Souther Lehigh has been very good!
I think Southern Lehigh is an amazing school. It is a small school and everyone who goes knows everyone in school with them. Class sizes are small and the teachers and education is great. The school itself is not very culturally diverse and have had trouble in the past and since has held school activities to bring students together to help eliminate any problems students might have had with one another. Another issue is that the school district is expanding many housing developments are going up and more students are moving into the area and the school needs to work on expanding. Otherwise the school is a great learning environment.
Some teachers aren't the best, but others are really great! It's very competitive when it comes to both sports and academics.
I loved my experience at Southern Lehigh, I met some life long friends here and it was a vast improvement than my last school. I would like to see the administration ease up on the students and not give unnecessary punishments.
I am a Southern Lehigh Alum and I enjoyed my years in the Southern Lehigh School District. I found my forever friends there and I was prepared for when I left for college.
I very much enjoy Southern Lehigh as a school district. The academic curriculum is extremely challenging, and I am constantly pushed to become a better student. The environment is very friendly, and I feel right at home.
Southern Lehigh's education program is it's highest selling point as a school. The teachers are intelligent and the courses are thorough and intensive in some cases. The majority of students are from well-off families that live within the Lehigh Valley; the minority that are not well-off and those somewhere in the middle are more likely, in my opinion, to not have a good experience at the school. Money and privilege are fairly common, cliques are dominant, and non-physical bullying (i.e. discrimination, racism, cyber-bullying, etc.) is present.
A great education and really supportive teachers, but the atmosphere between the students wasn't the best. Felt confident in my education and what I was learning that it would help me in my next step to college.
Southern Lehigh is a school that offers many opportunities in academics, athletics, and much more. I've never felt out of place in the community and everybody is very kind and accepting of others.
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There have been a lot of interesting events, including a bomb threat and a shooting. These events haven’t occurred but there is an increased feeling of not feeling safe because of all the school shootings around the US.
I do enjoy that the teacher's are willing to help you when you ask. The athletics throughout the school is enjoyable. Being on a team and having the coaches help you and give you suggestions is great. People are kind, but sadly it may be hard to fit in at first. The classes we're able to take is lovely. I know some schools don't have Chinese for a language at their school and I really enjoy having that option open to students. The clubs within the school are great, I enjoy the clubs I'm in.
I love Southern Lehigh for its personable nature. Teachers genuinely care for a students’ well being. Overall I would not have wanted to spend 12 years of my schooling career in any other district.
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