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The music and athletic departments were both very involved in everything the school did. This includes pep rallies and many other events. Some of these events were open to the community to honor veterans or fund raise for one of the school's organizations.
I was very active during school from clubs and sports in high school. I love the teachers and the classes. I loved the different activities they had to offer. My most favorite was Mini-THON. I participated in them all four years by raising money to conquer childhood cancer. And I participated in the committees for two years. The things I liked about South Western High School are the number of opportunities they offered. And that we are a great school with amazing teachers and staff. The only thing I would recommend is to have students have a say in more things.
I am a graduating senior, and for the most part I enjoyed my time at southwest. I had good teachers and made lifelong friendships! I was also part of sports teams that made my experience really good.
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Well I like the school how it feels the environment I am in 8th grade . I would like to see the school feel a little more enthusiastic more complex learning . Also my school is being renovated but I have a choice to go to be homeschooled I pick southwestern any day .
I transferred to South Western School District at the end of my freshman year of high school and spent the rest of my high school career there. I would describe my experience there as average. It wasn't dreadful, but I also would not describe it as joyful.
I believe that the academics were good in comparison to other schools, but I do not believe that the faculty truly cared for the students. I have overheard teachers openly gossiping about students when they are the very people supposed to be stopping that sort of behavior. There were also many times when faculty ignored bullying of other students. I also experienced a lack of guidance from my guidance counselor in helping me plan out my schedule. I often times had to find information out on my own that my guidance counselor could have easily found for me even after turning to him for help.
On the upside, the school had a good music program. It was large and full of talent. Athletics were also good.
I enjoyed my time at south western despite not getting involved in sports or clubs. The classes I took gave me somewhat of an idea of what to expect when it came to my future career. I always knew I wanted to something related to science, which us why I am now attending college to major in biology and minor in pre med.
There are a lot of great choices in classes at South West and a lot of co-operative teachers, young and old, with many different teaching styles. There are lots of after school activities to get involved with and the school is willing to work with the student most of the time to make sure they have a good experience. The kids who attend aren't always academically interested, making it hard to focus. There have been occasions where it felt like the school wasn't able to work with the student, but none-the-less, I enjoy going and learning.
Southwestern is a very good school district. Most teachers and students are always pleasant to be around, it has decent food by school standards, and has very simple scheduling. But what it lacks most is extracurricular activities, as they seem to only focus on sports and music. There are little to no clubs that you'd expect such as chess, robotics, drama, etc. But they are always trying to find ways to get students to think about careers and college. There are some small problems, but is overall a very good district.
I like this school a lot, although I’ve never experienced other schools. I would highly recommend this school to other students and the school just has a great atmosphere.
I believe that South Western offers great opportunities through academics, along with extra-curricular activities. South Western continues to grow and develop in this area, in which I am excited to see all of the growth that will be made in the years to come. However, with pros there comes cons. In recent years many have noticed how the climate of South Western has changed. Bullying has become more prominent and something needs to be done. The administration is trying to find ways to combat bullying but needs to show more progress to create a safe and open environment in which we as students can learn.
I went through the South Western School District from K-12 and I have never had a bad experience. I feel that the classes have adequately prepared me for a college setting.
South Western was a great school district to graduate from. The teacher's were very involved with the students and genuinely cared about us being successful.
South West is good at giving many students a variety of courses and challenges to help students in the future. It has some amazing teachers that will help students in every way possible to succeed. Although the administration is not very good at being involved, there are teachers that do improve the climate of the school. Overall, a great school that has taught me more than how painful AP Calculus can be.
They are very accepting, however, sometimes they don’t recognize when a teacher can be unfair or too stern with students, even to the point where that student may cry or feel emotionally unstable. Most teachers are well and good though, so do not worry about them. Most students will have your back, even if others are often more than rude or mean.
Some teachers are great, others not so much. The diversity in teachers could improve. Overall it's a pretty good school.
I enjoyed my time at South Western High School. I got to participate in many activities I am passionate about like orchestra, National Art Honor Society, Key Club, and National Honor Society, and soccer. I am very fortunate to have met some of my best friends here and be able to grow up together. I was able to gain freedom and responsibility along the way to help prepare me for the future. I’ve also noticed many changes for the good and for our safety.
Things that I liked about South West was the different classes that were offered. Things that I wish changed are pretty much everything.
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The academics and the extracurricular opportunities are amazing! The music department is one of the best in the county, and the sports teams are awesome! Safety is also a main concern of the administration, so multiple security guards are stationed on campus. It feels good to know that I can go to a place to learn and not have to worry about my safety.
The experience at South Western is an overall good experience. The Staff and students are very respectful. The things that I liked the most about the school is the freedom that you get while you are at the school. Somethings that I would like to see changed is the maybe an addition to the school because the school is just too small for the amount of students that are in the school.
In this school I learned a lot of stuff! The staff here are very kind and friendly. If I had to change one thing about this school I would say, try spending money on better stuff like laptops and class work stuff instead of the turfs.
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