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South Wasco County School District Reviews

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SWC is an amazing school. The teachers go above and beyond every single day. I wish that we had a guidance counselor and better administration.
I like the teacher's and how they will spend as much time as needed with you to understand a chapter. The teacher's here are very committed and are overall just great people. I don't like that the school is not able to provide more classes other then general ones. This has expanded over the years with APEX classes and classes through BYU.
The teachers care a lot about providing a good education that will take you farther than high school in each students life. Many teach more than just what the state requires, I've learned a lot about life from them.
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My experience at South Wasco was always very friendly. Not only from the students, but from the staff as well. Something I would change would probably be to have a Guidance Counselor. Many students have no idea what step to take next academically that will benefit them best.
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