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South Vermillion Community School Corporation Reviews

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I have been in this School Corperation my whole education carrer. The teachers are very nice and friendly and nice to be with. I am glad I was able to go to Van Dyne Elementary School and South Vermillion Middle School and High School.
South Vermillion is a halfway decent school full of white kids that spends way to much on the mediocre sports teams when they could be using money to improve the school. Half of the bathroom doors in the cafeteria don't even lock.
South Vermillion is an average school district overall. While it does have a good academic program and good teachers, it lacks in other important aspects. The most notable of which is there inability to properly prepare students for college
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I love our school system. They offer many programs for our children to learn. They help every student success. My kids love school and wish they could go everyday.
I believe that South Vermillion is a nice place to go, just not somewhere that is totally exceptional. It is a very nice environment and facility to learn in. The high ability programs are amazing, as a 7th grader I have learned some poetry that usually Juniors learn. Also, the counseling program is very good. Sports programs are great here as well.
My experience at South Vermillion has been great. The teachers focus on the students and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the material before you move on. The principal works extremely hard to show the students the importance in attendance and working your hardest to be the best you can be.
The corporation is full of wonderful teachers and the building is superb. The only issue with the school is the lack of variety in classes and lack of teachers. More classes available would mean more students interested in attending this school.
I had a decent time at this school cooperation. Although there is a lot of favoritism between teachers and students.
I really enjoyed my time at South Vermillion. I graduated in 2014. I feel that I am very well prepared for my college education at Indiana State University in the nursing program. I felt that the academic program is well formed and efficient. Education is what you make of it and if you apply yourself you can get an awesome education. I felt that South Vermillion had all of the resources available you just had to choose to use them to your advantage.
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