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South Pike School District Reviews

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I have attended the South Pike district from Preschool to high-school. For as long as i could remember South Pike has always been lacking in certain areas. Full of unruly children and underpaid teachers and somewhat nonchalant teachers. Though I can say I have had teachers truly passionate but crushed by the disorganization. I myself have always been stiffened by the educational system of South Pike. Where information is thrown at you and your not allowed to process.
South Pike was an amazing school and it was an amazing experience but the are too many students getting into trouble and doing their own thing instead of following guidance from their elders and teachers.
My experience at South Pike School District is interestingly average . I always have a chance to do something new or learn something new. The teachers are teachers. They teach and be a listener if needed. The students are students. They can can be a friend or just a peer who minds their business.
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My experience at SouthPike was like no other. I learned new things meet new people. I learned that just because we are a little school doesn’t mean we aren’t a good school. When you hear “SOUTHPIKE HIGHSCHOOL” it will forever have a ring to it . I wouldn’t change anything about our school because the difference we might have from some schools are what make us the school we are.
Good school when I attended. Counselors are amazing, sports are a great bonding experience for the entire school. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and have made some life long friends there.
I love my school. Our amount of spirit is top notch. We could use a minute amount of more diversity. Overall, Let’s Go Eagles!!!!!!
I like that our school is very concerned about things. They consider the kids in everything they do. Only thing is the food, it could be very much better than what it is.
South Pike is a well put together school. I’ve attended since I was in 6th grade and I have always got help when I needed it with school and life. South Pike has really prepared me for the neck chapter in my life.
South Pike High School is a dynamic school. Academic wise it could do better to ensure a more secure and grounded future. South Pike has lots of supportive teachers, coaches, and staff. They are almost like family and It is a very welcoming atmosphere. The diversity of South Pike can give you a new perspective on everyday situations and life. I would like to see better teachers in some subjects. Ones who commit to their work and want to change students lives. Although there are some cons there are many more pros that make this school a decent choice of schooling.
My experience at South Pike High School were the best days of my school years. The faculty and Staff was amazing. They not only pushed me to do my best they would not allow me to slack on my work. I graduated with honors, when I needed anything from them they would make sure I received it. They put all students first, their goal is to make sure every student receive the same opportunity to grow and excel to their highest potential.
I have a real true love for south pike ! I have attended south pike since I was old enough to even attend school. All of my siblings have attended and are attending south pike now. It’s just a really good school.
Attending the South Pike School District is absolutely amazing. I am currently a Senior at South Pike and has been here since kindergarten. My experience at South Pike has been wonderful so far. I have had most of the best times of my life at South Pike. The teachers are what I like the most at South Pike. The teachers believe in the 'No child left behind' policy and they live it fully. I absolutely love the teachers at South Pike because they help me stay on track. There has been times when I've lost focus and all of my teachers helped me regain focus. If I performed lower than expected my teachers would not rest until they were satisfied in my scoring. There is nothing I would change about my school district. From the staff to my fellow classmates, we all fight for the number one goal. The number one goal is to have a district full of smart successful individuals.
South Pike is the school all my family have atttended and graduated from. I plan to carry on the tradition by having my children attend South Pike in the future. South Pike isn't a bad school at all , it has its flaws. I'm proud to say I'm an Eagle and I pray it continues to be as good as it was to me and to everyone else of class of 2018. South Pike is the best school in Pike county in my eyes .. EAGLE PRIDE 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛
I love South Pike High, I attended the District my whole life. I am now proud to be a graduate from there.
South Pike School District offers great learning experience in and out of the classroom. Teachers honestly work hard to help each child in the classroom keep up with the paces of the lesson. Great District!
The School District is rather disappointing, but I was not surprised with the low quality due to the area in which it was located. Many teachers conduct themselves unprofessionally and they show much favoritism with their students, considering many of the teachers went to school with some students' parents. This was, however, the only school I could attend due to my housing location. I would not recommend this district to anyone. Atrocious is an understatement.
I like how to the teachers engaged with the students. The teachers encourages the student to his/her best at everything they do.
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South pike has had its ups and downs; however, the faculty focuses on bettering education and giving students the opportunity to be successful and have a road to lead them. Not only do they motivate and encourage students, but also they try to better the community and bring everyone together to push forward Ik makkng a positive impact.
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