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South Pasadena Unified School District Reviews

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It's a very good school and some where you should go to for your child . The entire school is great even the restrooms, also 5 is equal to 5 soooooo..... ! Tacocat tacocat tacocat tacocat
I had some pretty good teachers in the past. They were very caring and were willing to spend time helping students when ever we needed it. However, the math department wasn't very good. I think math is one of the hardest subjects and when it came to needing help, my teachers throughout the years were not helpful. In all honesty, the math department and my school needs to do a better job at teaching and helping their students. Making us do the lessons on our own is not helping us learn anything.
It is a very fun school, everyone there is very welcoming and the students all have school spirit. I do not remember a time where any of the students did not come together to support the sports meets and or school activities. Teachers are very interactive and they do their best to correct their teaching if a student does not understand the material needed.
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My family chose this school district because of the high ratings it had received. The culture of the high school is certainly very focused on achievement, which can be beneficial depending on your goals, but can also create a rather toxic culture of stress/workload/score competition. Staff and administration range from mediocre to wonderful, but there's no way to guarantee which side you will get. The worst experiences I've had personally centered on the counseling department's regulation of students' course choices. They have become progressively more strict since I entered the district, to the point that I have been flat out denied a course level change (AP to regular) when I had genuine concerns about my ability to pass the class on my schedule, and requested a change well before the beginning of term. Overall, this is not a bad school or a bad district, but there are problems which are hard to gloss over.
The thing that I liked about SPUSD is that it has a great environment. The teachers are great, the students are great, and I just think that everything is clean and nice. I like the cleanliness and the academics, and I think those are what make a school excellent.
I had a wonderful experience at South Pasadena. I had numerous opportunities in building lasting healthy mentoring relationships with a handful of teachers. This school really did everything in their willpower to make sure there was a place for everyone. There was diversity everywhere, and the system supported and encouraged it. There were many different clubs started by students. This alone reflected the school's success in inspiring their students to become engaged in school and taking their time in high school to build up their personal identities. There was a great amount of school spirit and individualistic spirit in the students. I am grateful to have gone to school here even if I didn't realize it at the time...
I would caution parents who look at the numbers on websites like this to find a "good" school. The high test scores reflect the fact that many of the kids at this school are getting private tutoring. My daughter's math teacher this year is terrible. The only kids who are doing well in the class are learning the math from parents in STEM fields or expensive tutors. The relentless focus on elite college admissions takes a toll on the kids, many of whom are depressed and anxious. The school has tried to address this issue through initiatives like Challenge Success, but it's not really working. It would have to start with the parents.
I enjoyed several classes, the elective classes saved me from checking out of this school. I enjoyed my friends and some of my English classes.
South Pasadena Unified is a great public district that offers students a private-school education at all grade levels. It is a district with academic rigor, competitiveness, and other scholastic challenges. Although a very liberal and progressive area, the school district is not as progressive. They follow a very strict no-tolerance policy when it comes to discipline and academic failings. Instead of helping students overcome their academic and social struggles through mentorship and assistance, they reprimand students and often push them out of the district.

Your child must fit a specific archetype in order to fit in. One of academic excellence.
South Pasadena has overall good funding and opportunities to raise money for school activities. However there are several programs that are underfunded and some employees that are largely incompetent. They are unable to treat different groups of students equally and other employees with respect. However there are a few teachers and coaches that are excellent. They really care about their students and their success
Overall, I really think South Pasadena Unified School District gives its students a wonderful environment, regardless if it's academic or social. Most classes are challenging and engaging, motivating student participation and increasing student school spirit. Of course, nothing is perfect. The cafeteria food is mediocre and a few teachers do not seem as dedicated as others. However, the good aspects definitely outweigh the bad, making SPUSD a wonderful place for students.
My experience has been OK that’s cool is very excepting and it’s very good but the math department is horrible and some of the teachers really don’t care there’s lotta cheating wouldn’t recommend coming to the school and if I could I would switch out . South Pasadena doesn’t deserve the hype it gets
School district with strong academics and great teachers - as well as resources, especially within the STEM fields. Most focus in this school is through academics, as any form of art is mainly ignored with minimal options for students.
Overall I enjoyed my time at South Pasadena High School, as it had quite a few excellent teachers who I thought prepared me for AP exams and general knowledge on the subject. The only gripe I have is that the school counselors are lacking in guidance, as they need to accommodate many students with little time in between for each student.
Everything was great: the people working there, culture, and passion everyone shares. I heard from some students that they did not like the food though.
South Pasadena is a wonderful community with great students and an abundance of parent involvement. At the high school, sports are not a priority for the administration and there is a lack of school spirit. The district is home is many outstanding teachers and clubs and activities are strong at all age levels.
The academics are held to very high standards, however there needs to be a stronger math department with common core being added to the curriculum. I also would like to see administration put more of an effort in maintaining the bathrooms, such as refilling the soap and paper towels.
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The community is very driven and hardworking, but the teachers are not worth the high cost living nearby requires
It's one of the most diverse districts I've been to, but the budget cut is limiting our options further.
More college preparation in terms of entry level testing as well as more programs to assist students in academic endeavors.
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