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South Montgomery Community School Corporation Reviews

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Great school. My parents and aunts all graduated from there. Good programs with a good learning environment
South Montgomery Community School Corporation provided me with a strong education, values, and background that I still incorporate in my life today.
I enjoyed the people, the staff, and the overall experience. I would like to see the food change to something a little bit more appetizing and a little bit faster lines. Having only three lines limits the time that kids get to eat because they have to wait in line for half of the lunch period.
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Now, let's be completely honest, no school is perfect. I love the fact we have a variety of teachers where some are horrible, but some are amazing. I got lucky to have one of the nicest teachers ever because he was really understanding. Mr. Woodworth helped me when I would miss alot of days due to health reasons or family issues. He would give me time to learn. Another teach was Mr. Thompson, he made everyone feel at home and I needed that considering I was a Junior in a senior class and they all made sure to point that out. Mr. Thompson also gave me extra days when i would miss that most teachers wouldnt give me. He helped students who had troubles as well. Our principles get on peoples nerves, but they really try their best to keep it safe when it is hard to with hard-headed kids. Southmont was my second school district and I happy to say I'm class of 2017 and I'm a proud Mountie!
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