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South Huntington Union Free School District Reviews

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Excellent teachers and administration!! It’s my kids, one still is on the High School and does amazing. The faculty cares enormously about the success of the students especially the honors and AP teachers.
South Huntington union free school district is a very diverse district and that’s one thing I like about it. The teachers are also try their best to help students not only academically but also any problems that the student wants to seek advice too. The one thing I would change is that the rules can be really strict especially in middle school.
Great district, wouldn’t wanna choose a different high school to go to. Teachers do whatever they can for your best interest, so many clubs to chose from and you can even start your own, there’s something for everyone. Whitman will always hold a special place in my heart once I graduate.
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Teachers, faculty and staff throughout the entirety of the school district devise their actions to creating a comfortable, natural, accepting environment with a primary focus on academic excellence. Going through this district is a unique experience that constantly promotes the appearance of a nostalgic state of mind when recanting upon unfathomable experiences. This community is based on unity to achieve instilled common distinction in a wide array of facets.
I'm moving to South Brentwood Middle school , mid year... so it doesn't really matter what I say but ive been in Huntington Station since 2nd grade and being in this school district has taught me soo much. The teachers are always there for me and have taught me so much, the faculties and students help mold my character and shape me into the person I am today... And for that I thank them. If you're thinking about enrolling your child in this district please do. The school becomes family. if you do enroll your child, you wont regret it. - Nantenin Bakayoko 2018 (7th grade student at Henry L. Stimson middle school)
I love the teachers and community. Teachers and administrators are always available and both my kids are getting wonderful educations.
Great school district. All of the staff are so caring and passionate about their job. I love every moment of being a South Huntington Union Free School District student!
The school had some teachers and administration that were racist to me but I also have amazing teachers that changed my life for the better.
South Huntington schools are beautifully diverse, allowing children to grow up around people different from themselves. Due to this diversity, most of the students who grow up in this school district are very accepting of people of different religions, races, and sexualities. I think this diversity is extremely important in how it shapes the future adults of the area. The faculty and staff of South Huntington schools are, for the most part, very caring and helpful. I have seen teachers here work their absolute hardest to make sure their students succeed. Not only are most of the teachers in this district hard working and determined to help their students learn the curriculum, but most of them also stand as wonderful role models for their students.
When I was a little kid in kindergarden through out high school, my transportation was given through SHUFSD. Their job was always done right, starting from school bus drivers to teachers. The teachers are amazing and always have good relationships with students. Also, I believe SHUFSD contains some professional schools in its' organization. Concluding my experience, it was a sweet ride.
All the teachers in the district are hard working and dedicated to their jobs. They truly believe they're educating the minds of the future. It makes learning more enjoyable when there is such positive reinforcement in the school environment. So much diversity in the school has opened my mind to many cultures and ideas.
The school district is really great. They offer a variety of unique resources and programs for the students.
Overall the school district is a very strong community and a great place to raise a family where a school district cares for their students.
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